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  1. Latest Cosplay Guest Announcement: VanillaPink My name is Shelly and I’ve been cosplaying for around 6-7 years. I have a great love for retro video games and JRPG’s and my cosplays show for it. I currently have a love for adding extra details into an outfit such as embroidery and/or gems. My social medias are Facebook and Instagram Photographer credit: Madmoonmat
  2. Latest Guest Announcement: Banana Custard Costuming James Valentine is a proud LGBT+ cosplayer, who has been cosplaying since 2012, and has won several national competitions. He specialises in tailoring and material based cosplay but dabbles in props, EVA armour and wig styling. Photographer credit: @huw.smart on instagram
  3. Latest Cosplay Guest Announcement: SqueakeB I have been cosplaying for almost ten years now, ranging from Disney princesses to Viking warriors! More recently I have been focusing on more Anime based characters as I have a love for all things anime. I can be found on the following social media: Instagram Tik Tok: @squeakehbcosplay Photographer credit: Food and Cosplay
  4. Latest Cosplay Guest Announcement: Karmic Sandwich I’m Karmic a northern-ireland based cosplayer who’s been cosplaying for around 9 years but only officially started in 2014. I always try to push my cosplays to the next level by learning new techniques and trying things I’ve never done before. I mainly focus on foam props and armour while dabbling in 3d printing and fiberglass every now and then. Photographer credit: BK-Photos
  5. Hey all! My name is Roxanne and I'm a mega awkward dweeb from the South Coast of the UK now living in London. I have been cosplaying for around 4 years now and love every second! My main loves are Marvel, DC and any games by Blizzard!
  6. Megan is a 25 year old cosplayer for the South West who’s been cosplaying since 2014. She specialises in Disney characters and her main cosplay interests are dressmaking and wig styling. View her Instagram and Facebook Photographer credit: Papercube
  7. Little Miss Metamorph aka Kristen has been cosplaying and coscrafting for over 20 years. With a love for fabrics and the little details, she has developed many skills in prosthetic makeup application and recently delved into prop making. Has a love for cosplaying video games characters . FInd her work on Facebook Photographer credit: Shinigami Photography Facebook
  8. Amazonian Cosplay, a specialist in SFX makeup, prosthetics and photography, began crafting costumes at the young age of 13, stemming originally from a love of detailed Fantasy Video Game costumes. With a ‘devil is in the detail’ approach Amazonian has developed a passion for capturing a costumes intricacies others may miss, learning new techniques with each costume creation. Her skillset now proudly extends to sculpting, leatherwork and her one true love, embroidery. If you want to find her, you’d be wise to check the stage of the latest Cosplay Competition!
  9. Latest Cosplay Guest Announcement: Queenieshah My name is Ayeshah, also known as @Queenieshah, and I am a body positive cosplayer and aspiring bio queen. I have been “officially” cosplaying since 2012, but closet cosplaying since I was young. I like cosplays involving my own original designs, body paint, and cosplay armour!
  10. Latest Cosplay Guest Announcement: Envyious Attending: Friday, Saturday & Sunday
  11. Latest Cosplay Guest Announcement - MattEleven Matt aka MattEleven is a cosplayer and cosplay photographer from the UK. He’s been cosplaying since 2011 and is predominantly known for his 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) cosplay, having being asked to appear in a variety of youtube parodies and TV shows. facebook.com/matteleven instagram.com/matteleven
  12. Hi, I’m Alex, aka Alexcosplay. I’ve been cosplaying since 2015 and mainly work with foam, and occasionally 3D Prints; building both Armour and Props. Most recently I built a Genji cosplay from Overwatch. Find me on Instagram: @Alexcosplay or www.facebook.com/alexdoescosplay Photographer: Photo taken, and edited by Cobalt Cosplay
  13. NadiaSK is a costume designer and one of the most famous Italian cosplayers in the world. She has been invited to appear as guest around the World. Italian Representative and award winner for many competition as World Cosplay Summit, European Cosplay Gathering, World Cosplay Master she was hired by many Videogame house to portray character as Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn and many Assassin’s Creed female by Ubisoft. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nadiaskcosplay Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nadiaskcom Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/NadiaSK Photographer: Mat
  14. Ardent Cosplay, chronic perfectionist, crafter of costumes and maker of swords. Dom has been cosplaying since 2014, learning new techniques with each costume from fantasy, television, games and film. His experience includes prop making, armour crafting, complex sewing and tailoring, electronics, and leatherwork, as well as cosplay photography. Photographer: Demorafairy Photography
  15. Latest Cosplay Guest Announcement - Ju Tsukino Ju Tsukino is a famous name in the Cosplay / Otaku / Geek communit . She has been cosplayer since 2004 and since then she have more than 200 costumes over the years ranging from anime, mangas, games and sci fi. She was born in Brazil but now lives in London / UK. The girl is part of the Brazilian cosplay history and with great notoriety throughout the world, and as all cosplayers in the world, she began as anime and manga fan and soon discovered the art of characterizing and of course she chose as his first cosplay your favorite hero Sail
  16. Latest Cosplay Guest Announcement - MW Cosplay Hello everyone! I have been Cosplaying for around 8 years, i mainly focus my Cosplays builds around Games such as Overwatch and League of legends using Foam, thermoplastics and fabrics. I am also very passionate of my Pokemon Cosplays and anything related to Pokemon Gijinka. www.facebook.com/MW-cosplay-1486837304886425/
  17. Based in the UK Midlands, Helen Alice is a cosplayer with over 10 years’ experience in sewing, crafting, and unpicking mistakes. She is a regular to the UK competitive scene, and is known for her elaborately sewn costumes, attention to detail, and over the top sparkly dresses. She can be found at www.instagram.com/helenalicesews to follow all her latest adventures in cosplay and sewing. Photographer: Pip Wolf Cosplay / Phillipa Dickinson
  18. Latest Cosplay Announcement - Drack Cosplay Attending: Saturday & Sunday I am Drack Cosplay. I been cosplaying for nearly 6 years now. My cosplay journey so far has been mainly armour based. I would say my main area of expertise is in foam craft. I have tried most other techniques though from thermoplastics, sewing, fibre glass work, moulding and many more. If you would like to see my projects you can find me on Facebook and Instagram as Drack Cosplay Photographer: Cat & crown Photography
  19. Cosplay Guest Announcement - Kamui Cosplay We are very pleased to announce our first Cosplay Guest, Kamui Cosplay, appearing Saturday and Sunday and taking part in a photo shoot, tickets on sale now! Photo Shoot: £10 Svetlana Quindt (AKA Kamui Cosplay) is an acclaimed costume designer, author and cosplayer from Germany. With over 14 years of experience and a never ending desire to start the next big project she has already created many award winning costumes and lately published a hugely popular series of cosplay instructional books that have become the entry point for many Cosp
  20. Latest Cosplay Guest Announcement - Alphabety Cosplay I have been cosplaying for about 3 years now. Starting off from a beginner buying and modifying costumes then advancing to making all my own costumes and props such as armour builds made with Eva foam and worbla to more recently working with fabrics and sewing. Some costumes I have made include a Raider from Fallout 4, complete with pipe rifle, and characters from Skyrim such as a Falmer. If you wish to follow my work you can find me on the following social media links: Photographer: www.satindressphotography.co.uk/
  21. Latest Cosplay Guest Announcement - Tinufel Cosplay I picked up courage two years ago and started cosplaying Link from the Legend of Zelda games. I've always been creative and a huge fan of cosplay, and dreamed of doing it... but never did. Then I went through a tough time and felt I had nothing left to lose, so I started making Link. I threw everything I had at it... and it gave so much back. I have built on old knowledge, whilst also teaching myself soldering, mechanics, 3D designing and printing, foam and worbla, amongst many other skills. Link is just the beginning. I plan to do big
  22. Latest Guest Announcement - Kaldorei Cosplay I’ve been cosplaying for 5 years now; I originally started to increase my confidence as I was so shy!! But now it’s turned into my favorite pass time, I love making complicated costumes and seeing myself improve each time. My favorite costumes are my World of Warcraft ones as I’m obsessed with that game for years now. Photographer: Artflower Fotografie
  23. Roguish commander My name is Hunter, I have been displaying for a little over 2 years. I started displaying because I enjoyed crafting and imitating my favorite characters. I haven’t made many cosplays but I get better at my craft as I grow so usually my favorite cosplay is whatever my latest build is, in this current time it’s Cayde-6 from Destiny Photographer: Instagram: @unstable_editing Kieran Taylor
  24. The Crystal Wolf The Crystal Wolf (aka Erin Mochan) has been cosplaying since early 2016 when she entered the scene as Predator at ECC. She is a dedicated film and TV fan and this is where she gets most of her ideas. She works freelance as a videographer, writer and editor and has a background in Design and Technology teaching. The Crystal Wolf is known for her cosplay mashups, the first being her White Walker Daenerys with which she won runner up for. The Scottish Wedding Show loved it so much they asked her along to model and do makeup for their promo this year. Her most recent is Bl
  25. Head of Medusa Cosplay I am an artist specialising in props and costumes. I have studied in a variety of areas within the creative arts including ‘Model Making for TV and Film’, Applied Arts’ and am now currently studying ‘Props’ on the ‘Production Arts and Design’ programme at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. I attended my first convention in 2014 and have been cosplaying since. I am best known for my Digimon costumes which, so far, include Minervamon, Sakuyamon, Kuzuhamon and, most recently, Nefertimon X-Antibody. My costumes are entirely hand made using a wide va
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