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  1. Latest Comic Guest Announced - Yishan Li Attending Sat/Sun Writer/artist: Massive Manga: The Complete Reference to Drawing Manga; Liberty Vocational; Convergence Blue Beetle SIX YEARS after first being published in her native China, Yishan Li made her English-language debut drawing Spirit Marked for Yaoi Press in 2005 with the Aluria Chronicles following two years later. The author of Massive Manga: The Complete Reference to Drawing Manga, Li has since produced The Clique as well as drawing 2011’s Liberty Vocational. Li – a frequent contributor to the online Aces Weekly comic – most recently illustrated the Convergence Blue Beetle one-shot for DC.
  2. Latest Comic Guest Announcement - John Wagner Attending: Saturday and Sunday Writer: 2000 AD; A History of Violence LAUDED as the co-creator of Judge Dredd and as a founding father of 2000 AD, where the Lawman of the Future made his debut in the 1977 second issue of the self-styled Galaxy's Greatest Comic. John Wagner's career dates back to some 10 years earlier. Born in the USA but brought up in Scotland from the age of 12, Wagner began writing for Dundee-based DC Thomson in the 1960s eventually rising to become chief sub-editor of Romeo. It was while working on the UK comics behemoth's girls' weekly that he first encountered Pat Mills, who would subsequently have a significant influence on his career. Leaving DCT to go freelance, Wagner and Mills collaborated on stories for a variety of titles for IPC (the other major British comics publisher). Their output covered humour and both girls' and boys' weeklies before Wagner headed to London in 1973 to edit girls' titles for IPC. That lasted for less than a year after which Wagner quit comics until late '74 when Mills lured him back to help set up Battle Picture Weekly. With that IPC title, which launched in 1975, Mills and Wagnerbegan changing the face of British comics, modernising that which had become stagnant and very traditional in their approach. It was a groundbreaking makeover that the duo continued and escalated when Mills was asked to create a new SF comic and invited Wagner to join him in the endeavour. Premiering in 1977, 2000 AD was an immediate and huge success and remains at the peak of British comics publishing scene today, almost 40 years after its first publication. Over the years, aside from Judge Dredd, Wagner– who also wrote for Doctor Who Magazine in 1979-80 – also co-created such heroes as Robo-Hunter and the Button Man for the SF weekly. Among his other co-creations are Strontium Dog (first seen in 1978 in Starlord, 2000 AD's short-lived sister title) as well as Ace Trucking Co for 2000 AD, Eagle's Doomlord and Manix, The Thirteenth Floorfor Scream!, Invasion 1984 for Battle and Dan Harker's War for Roy of the Rovers, all in collaboration with his long-term writing partner Alan Grant. In addition, a 1982-83 reunion with Mills saw him writing Dan Dare for for the relaunchedEagle. Four years later and in tandem with Grant, Wagner – who has contributed to 2000 AD virtually continuously for the past 38 years and to its sister title, Judge Dredd Megazinesince 1990 – made his US debut. The writing duo scripted the 12 issues of 1987's Outcasts for DC following which they co-authored nine 1988 Batman stories in Detective Comics, The Bogie Man​ – a 1990 Fat Man Press four-parter – and its various sequels as well as on the first 10 issues of Marvel UK's Strip and The Last American, a 1990 four-parter for Epic, Marvel's creator-owned imprint. Although that was pretty much the end of their joint American venture, Wagner and Grant did reunite from time to time, most notably on a quartet of high profile Batman/Judge Dredd one-shots. These DC/2000 AD crossovers began in 1991 with the hugely successful Judgement on Gotham but werepublished sporadically until 1998 with 1995's Lobo/Judge Dredd: Psycho Bikers vs the Mutants from Hell inserted along the way. The pair also wrote 1991's The Punisher: Blood on the Moors graphic novel for Marvel while Wagnerwent on to write the following year's The Punisher: Die Hard in the Big Easy – an d t he 12 iss ues of DC's Chain Gang War that followed it i n 1994 – on his own . Increasingly disenchanted with the manner in which American comics were produced and much prefer r ing the Brit ish approach, Wagne r all-but cut his t ies with U S publishers in 2000. Before he withdrew, however, he scripted a swathe of titles, among them Aliens: Berserker (1995), Star Wars: Boba Fett(1995), Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (1996) and Predator vs Judge Dredd (1997) for Dark Horse, a couple of 1996 spin-offs fro m The Crow for Kitchen Sink and A History of Violence graphic novel the following year for Paradox Graphic Mystery (a DC imprint) before winding up at Topps on Xena, Warrior Princess ( 1999). Since thenWagner's output has been almost exclusively for 2000 ADand Judge Dredd Megazine. He did make a brief return to the US market in 1993 for Judge Dredd vs Aliens: Incubus(co-authored with former 2000 AD editor Andy Diggle) and a brief run on Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight for DC but it is primarily for his half-a-century of writing for British titles that Wagner is considered one of the UK's most respected comics creators. Down the years his writing has inspired many who have followed in his footsteps. He continues to be an inspiration to many.​
  3. Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Tim Truman Writer/Artist: Scout; Conan, Hawkworld, Grimjack, Jonah Hex A GRADUATE of the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, Tim Truman began his professional career providing illustrations for handbooks for fantasy role playing games. His first comics work was inking a handful of stories for DC’s Sgt Rock title in the early 1980s before introducing Grimjack at First Comics in 1983’s Starslayer #10. The character, which he created in collaboration with writer John Ostrander, graduated to his own title the following year. Truman pencilled only the first 19 issues of Grimjack before moving on to Eclipse for Scout. A creator-owned series that he both wrote and drew, that ran for 24 issues before being relaunched for a further 16 issues as Scout: War Shaman in 1988. Between his work for First – for which he’d also co-written and illustrated 1985’s Time Beavers graphic novel – and Eclipse, Truman had established himself as one of the mainstays of the independent comics scene that was thriving in the late 1980s even going so far as to set up his own publishing/packaging label. Under the Eclipse umbrella, his 4Winds Publishing introduced such Argentinean talents as Carlos Trillo, Enrique Alcatena and Enrique Breccia to the American audience while also releasing Wilderness. Subtitled The True Story of Simon Girty the Renegade, this ambitious two-volume historical biography was Truman’s first foray into Westerns, a genre with which he has remained associated down the years. In tandem with writer Chuck Dixon, Truman’s 4Winds also revived Hillman’s Airboy for Eclipse and created Prowler for that publisher before Truman was approached by DC to reinvent Hawkman. This he did in Hawkworld, a well-received 1989 three-parter that led to an ongoing series for which he and Ostrander wrote the first nine issues after which Truman moved back to Eclipse for 1991’s Dragon Chiang one-shot and to resurrect a 1930s pulp hero in The Spider, which he followed in 1992 with a sequel, another three-parter subtitled Reign of the Vampire King. In between he also began contributing to Grateful Dead Comix, kicking off an association with the band that extended beyond comics and continues to this day. Subsequently Truman – who also collaborated with historian William W Eckert on Tecumseh! (a 1992 retelling of the life of the famed Shawnee chief, published by Eclipse) – teamed up with noted horror author Joe R Lansdale to give DC’s Western hero Jonah Hex a Vertigo-style makeover in the first of three minis. Two-Gun Mojo [1993] was followed by Riders of the Worm and Such [1995] and Shadows West [1999] while the duo also collaborated on 1994’s The Lone Ranger and Tonto four-parter for Topps and on the three issues of Lansdale and Truman’s Dead Folks for Avatar in 2003. Truman also took to writing for other artists, starting off at Valiant for which he scripted 30 issues of Turok, Dinosaur Hunter between 1993 and 1996, when he illustrated Dog Moon, a DC/Vertigo one-shot written by Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter. In the same year he produced the six issues of The Black Lamb for Helix (DC’s short-lived SF imprint) prior to moving on to reunite with Ostrander for The Kents, a 1997 DC Western that to an Elseworlds look at the ancestors of Superman’s adoptive parents in the Old West across its 12 issues. Then came 1998’s four-issue Guns of the Dragon for DC after which he became involved with Star Wars at Dark Horse, writing the Anakin Skywalker tie-in with Episode I: The Phantom Menace as well as 16 issues of the ongoing Star Wars comic between 1999 and 2001. At the same time Truman also scripted Creature Commandos, a 2000 six-parter for DC. In 2001 he wrote a drew the three issues of DC’s JLA: Gatekeeper, pretty much his last comics work until 2005 when he and Ostrander resurrected Grimjack at IDW for the six-issue Killer Instinct, which they followed four years later with The Manx Cat, another six-parter. By that time Truman was also the regular writer of Conan for Dark Horse authoring 42 issues of that title and its 2008 replacement Conan the Cimmerian between 2006 and 2010. Since then he has primarily concentrated on his illustration work but wrote and drew 2011’s Hawken (a six-issue IDW Western) and maintains his links with Robert E Howard’s archetypal sword and sorcery hero by scripting Dark Horse’s various King Conan minis.
  4. Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Renee Witterstaetter Attending: Sat/Sun Writer/editor/publisher/colourist: DC, Marvel, Topps THE FOUNDER of Little Eva Ink Publishing, Renee Witterstaetter began her foray into the world of comics in 1988, editing Action Comics, Superman and Adventures of Superman as well as such other DC titles as Doc Savage, Power of the Atom, Hawk and Dove, The Shadow and New Gods. After a year at DC she moved over tto Marvel, where she edited Guardians of the Galaxy, Sensational She-Hulk and several Marvel Graphic Novels while also colouring a wide variety of titles. In 1993 she began colouring issues for Topps line of Jack Kirby comics eventually leaving the House of Ideas to edit various Jurassic Park titles as well as The Lone Ranger and Tonto, Xena: Warrior Princess, The X-Files and various other comics for Topps. Since the millennium she has worked primarily outside comics although it is through Little Eva Ink – for which she has written Excess: The Art of Michael Golden, Tex: The Art of Mark Texeira and Nick Cardy: The Artist at War – that maintains her connections with the medium.
  5. Latest Comic Guest Announcement - John Higgins Attending: Fri/Sat/Sun Colourist – Watchmen; writer/artist/colourist Before Watchmen
  6. We are very pleased to have BEN AARONOVITCH attending LFCC as part of this years Book Zone Attending Sunday and taking part in an on stage talk. BEN ARRONOVITCH Discovering in his early twenties that he had precisely one talent, he took up screenwriting at which he was an overnight success. He wrote for Doctor Who, Casualty and the world’s cheapest ever SF soap opera Jupiter Moon. He then wrote for Virgin’s New Adventures until they pulped all his books. Then Ben entered a dark time illuminated only by an episode of Dark Knight, a book for Big Finish and the highly acclaimed but not-very-well-paying Blake’s 7 Audio dramas. Trapped in a cycle of disappointment and despair Ben was eventually forced to support his expensive book habit by working for Waterstones as a bookseller. Ironically it was while shelving the works of others that Ben finally saw the light. He would write his own books, he would let prose into his heart and rejoice in the word. Henceforth, subsisting on nothing more than instant coffee and Japanese takeaway, Ben embarked on the epic personal journey that was to lead to Rivers of London (or Midnight Riot as it is known in the Americas). At some point during the above, the most important thing in his life happened and he became a father to a son, Karifa, whom he affectionately refers to as ‘The Evil Monster Boy’. The Evil Monster Boy will be reaching university age soon, so all donations will be gratefully received. Ben Aaronovitch currently resides in London and says that he will leave when they pry his city from his cold dead fingers. Rivers of London My name is Peter Grant. Until January I was just another probationary constable in that mighty army for justice known to all right-thinking people as the Metropolitan Police Service, and to everyone else as the Filth. My only concerns in life were how to avoid a transfer to the Case Progression Unit - We do paperwork so real coppers don't have to - and finding a way to climb into the panties of the outrageously perky WPC Leslie May. Then one night, in pursuance of a murder inquiry, I tried to take a witness statement from a man who was dead, but disturbingly voluble, and that brought me to the attention of Chief Inspector Nightingale, the last wizard in England. And that, as they say, is where the story begins. Now I'm a Detective Constable and a trainee wizard, the first apprentice in fifty years, and my world has become somewhat more complicated. I'm dealing with nests of vampires in Purley, negotiating a truce between the warring god and goddess of the Thames, and digging up graves in Covent Garden - and that's just routine. There's something festering at the heart of the city I love, a malicious, vengeful spirit that takes ordinary Londoners and twists them into grotesque mannequins to act out its drama of violence and despair. The spirit of riot and rebellion has awakened in the city, and it's falling to me to bring order out of chaos - or die trying. Which, I don't mind telling you, would involve a hell of a lot of paperwork.
  7. Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Glenn Dakin Attending: Fri/Sat/Sun Writer: Revolutionary War: Motormouth; Plasmer; ClanDestine
  8. Latest Comic Guest - Erik Larsen Attending: SAT/SUN Writer/artist – Savage Dragon; Amazing Spider-Man
  9. Latest Comic Guest Announcement - John Wagner Attending: Sat/Sun Writer – co-creator Judge Dredd
  10. Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Ian Edginton Attending: Sat/Sun Writer: Scarlet Traces; Stormwatch: P.H.D.; 2000 AD; Hellgate: London
  11. Latest Comic Guest Announcement - David Hine Attending: Fri/Sat/Sun Writer: Storm Dogs; The Darkness; Crossed: Badlands; Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath; Spider-Man: Noir
  12. Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Al Ewing Attending: Sat/Sun Writer – Loki: Agent of Asgard; Mighty Avengers; 2000 AD; Iron Man: Fatal Frontier
  13. Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Daniel Boultwood Attending: Sat/Sun Writer/Artist: It Came; The Gloom; Hope Falls; Comicana
  14. Latest Guest Announcement - Gail Simone Attending: Sat/Sun Writer – Batgirl; Birds of Prey; Red Sonja; Secret Six; Welcome to Tranquility
  15. Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Brendan McCarthy Attending: Sat/Sun Writer/artist – Mad Max 4: Fury Road; Spider-Man: Fever; Strange Days; 2000 AD
  16. Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Dan Abnett Attending: Sat/Sun Writer – Guardians of the Galaxy; ​Hypernaturals; Resurrection Man; 2000 AD
  17. Latest Comic Guest Announced - Yishan Li Attending Sat/Sun Writer/artist – Massive Manga: The Complete Reference to Drawing Manga; Liberty Vocational
  18. Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Brian Ruckley Attending: Saturday Writer – Rogue Trooper
  19. Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Peter Milligan Attending: Sat/Sun Writer – Shadowman; Hellblazer; Justice League Dark; Red Lanterns
  20. Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Alan Cowsill Attending: Sat/Sun Writer – Revolutionary War
  21. Latest Guest announcement - El Torres Attending: Sat/Sun Writer – The Westwood Witches; Rogues; Drums
  22. Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Bryan Talbot Attending: Sat/Sun Writer/artist – A Tale of One Bad Rat; Grandville; Alice in Sunderland
  23. Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Huw-J Attending: Sat/Sun Writer/artist: Garth
  24. Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Simon Furman Attending: SAT/SUN Writer – Transformers, Death’s Head For nigh on three decades he has been the foremost chronicler of the adventures of Hasbro’s Robots in Disguise. So closely linked with the development of the comicbook versions of the action figures has Simon Furman been that fans refer to him as the Transformers-meister. While he kicked of his comics career in 1984 as an editor, he very quickly made the transition to writer, initially on Fleetway’s junior horror comic Scream but within a year he’d made his Transformers debut (on 1985’s #13). He remained closely associated with the Marvel UK title until its cancellation in 1992. Along the way he also became the regular scripter of the US edition of the comic, staying on thatTransformers series until it was axed in 1991. The writer of numerous Robots in Disguise comics for Marvel (on both sides of the Pond), DreamWave and most recently IDW ,Furman has now reunited with artist Andrew Wildman (his long time Transformers collaborator) for Transformers: Regeneration; a series launched by IDW in 2013, it continues and concludes the story left unfinished when Marvel (US) cancelled its Transformers comic. However Furman has numerous credits that go far beyond the Robots in Disguise. It’s a list that includes a wide diversity of titles, among them Sensational She-Hulk, Doctor Who, Alpha Flight and Robocop as well asDragon’s Claws and Death’s Head, both of which he co-created.
  25. Latest Comic Guest Announcement - John Wagner Attending: Sat/Sun John is best know as Writer – co-creator Judge Dredd
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