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  1. To clarify, the 10x8 images provided are free, and are not included as part of the autograph cost. They are primarily for people who do not have anything to get signed. If you have a personal item then you can also ask for an image. However Showmasters have the right to refuse if stock is low as this could result in somebody else who actually needs one missing out on an autographed item.

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  2. i dont think R2-D2 and 3-PO are the only ones to have disagreements.


    i found it a bit strange that the BSG characters were seated next to each other and so were alot of the GoT actors but the Star Wars people were spread all over, i would have thought they would have put Ian and David together along with Jeremy to make an empire section and kenny, leia and lando to make a rebel section. then again there wasn't an option for a leia and lando shoot which would have been cool... so maybe there is some bad feelings between them...who knows

    Regarding the Star Wars guests layout it just based on how busy they are expected to be. Ian and Carrie being the busiest and having their own booths. Billy would expected to be busier than Kenny, Dave, and Jeremy as they are more frequent with their appearances. The VT guests were based primarily one side and non-VT the other.
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