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  1. It does state in the Gold Pass info on the Eventbrite site that the GP autograph vouchers are to be used to get autos from two £10 guests on Friday or Sunday. Maybe the crew member could have been better informed but as the person buying the GP, surely you have a responsibility for making sure you know exactly what you get as part of the package.


    This is the exact wording:


    "You will be able to get 2 in-person autographs from the guests of your choice attending the show on the Friday or Sunday that are charging £10, these 2 autographs will be free."

  2. When a guest has a no posed photos sign, it is always for a good reason.


    It could be that, as Avengers7 has said, it tends to hold up the queue. For the busier guests, it could mean that less people get to see them.


    For the elderly guests particularly, although this may apply to some of the younger ones too, to keep standing up for photos or even just leaning across the table a bit, can prove very tiring.


    It may be that guests will have problems with flash photography. There are some guests who get migraines from flash photography and others have problems with their eyes. The organisers could put up signs saying no flash photography but, unfortunately, not everyone will switch the flash off and you won't know until they actually take the picture.


    It could also be that a guest is not feeling well and doesn't feel up to doing the table shots.


    I'm sure there are other reasons too but I think those are the main ones.

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