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  1. I attended the dinner on the Saturday night, over the signing weekend and could not believe it in how decent the Guests, all were. They were also easy to socialise with and the Astronaults, Jonny Johnson and the Actors were so kind. I sat on the table with Maryam D'Abo and she was easy to talk with.


    I went to the signing on the Sunday and the queues for the Astronaults were long, to which there was no one in the queue for the Actors, so I met them, instead because the Astronaults charge a fortune for their autographs and the Actor's autographs were affordable.


    After meeting the movie Actors, my Friends are now going to wish they came to the movies with me, instead of making excuses in not returning my phone calls. After Autographica's dinner, on the Saturday, that was to end all parties. Now my Family are going to wish they invited me to their celebrations in my religion, that they send out invitations to my Parents, Sisters and other Family members. Famous People and Sports Stars are good People, than ordinery People, in employment with Companies.

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