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  1. If she had written "no power in the verse can stop me" I would have known where that was from straight away :) I am glad I got a quote, just wasn't sure what it was or what it meant lol
  2. Or is it because she signed my autograph at 5:55pm? She was really busy all day and must have signed hundreds and hundreds of autographs. She really was very nice :)
  3. Thanks for the reply :) Is it a quote from TSCC? Which episode?
  4. Can anyone tell me what Summer Glau wrote on the autograph she gave me? http://i58.tinypic.com/m77rz8.jpg Is it: For Colin, I call Them? or is it: For Colin, I call These? or is it: For Colin, I call Tscc? Or is it something else? I have seen all the TSCC and Firefly episodes, I don't think its a quote from them? Or maybe it refers something to do with my name Colin? I should have asked her but it went by so quickly. Summer was very nice and friendly :)
  5. Thanks for the replies :) My bag shouldn't be too heavy. I guess I'll just carry it and if I want to put it in a cloakroom/baggage area I will go and ask. One last question. I think I read somewhere on the forum that you can buy something for 5 pounds (a booklet/programme/raffle ticket?) and you can win cool stuff if you are a winner. So if I buy one and I win then do I get the prize on the Saturday? Or would I get it posted out to me as I am only going on the Saturday and not the Sunday? Thanks :)
  6. When I get into the EC2 Main Hall the first thing I will do is buy the VT's for the autographs I want. If I want to buy anything else, for example the Game of Thrones talk on the Super Stage at 13:40- 14:30 or a Photo Shoot etc (provided they aren't sold out already) then, going by the rough layout map posted on the forum, do I buy them from the area on the map called 'Sales Queues'? There is something called 'Trailers' on Stage A on at 12:45 to 13:30. Is it free or paid? What's it about? How much does it cost to keep you bag somewhere? If I hand it in at say around 9.30am, and wan
  7. I know that autographs and photo sessions will be the most popular things at the LFCC, but what else will there be to do? This will be my first time going to it. Will there also be things for sale like: sci-fi/comic magazines, replica items, action figures, t-shirts, DVD's etc? Anything that will be particularly interesting? My mum loves mugs. Will there be mugs/glasses for sale?
  8. Ok thanks :) So if I get a VT and its called at 11am then I can join the queue at any time after that? Even 3pm or 4pm or whatever? That's good to know :)
  9. I have my Summer Glau photo session ticket and I have a number that says 115. Hopefully I will reach the venue for around 8am-8.30am. First thing to do will be queue to get my VT tickets. Probably 3 or 4 that I want. However, the only photo session is the Summer Glau one. What I want to do is have the photo session first and then later when I go to get the Summer Glau autograph I will ask her to sign the photo session photo. But what if I go to get the VT ticket and the Summer Glau autograph is before the photo session? I suppose I will have to take along a photo of Summer that
  10. Are there any rules/guidelines that I should know about for photo sessions? Like, can I choose whether the photo is portrait or landscape? Do I get asked before the photo is taken or do I need to say it myself to the photographer? If I do not like my photo and my eyes are closed do I get a retake? Is the retake free? What if I am in the queue for a while and I need the toilet? Do I go to the toilet and then comeback and join the back of the queue or where I was before going to the toilet? Is there any kind of clothing, for example, a t-shirt with a particular brand/photo/logo e
  11. I will be going on the Saturday and should arrive in London at around 8am. At what time do people start to queue outside the venue to get in? Will there be anyway to know how the venue will be set out before the convention starts? Will there be a map or something saying which guests will be sitting where? Or do I just go inside and wander around and look to see who is sitting where? Thanks :)
  12. Thanks :) My order has been placed and am just waiting on confirmation. The decision now is whether or not I want to dress up lol I will have to remember to check the digital gallery :) So how do autographs work again? I go in at 9am on Saturday and join the queues of those I want to see the most and buy a VT? And I have ordered the Summer Glau Photo Session so do I join a separate queue and hand over my ticket to get a VT for that or am I given a specific time? And when it comes to announcing VT numbers do they announce them over a tannoy speaker or display them on a large s
  13. Thanks for the reply :) I plan on buying both the LFCC entry ticket - Early Bird Entry - Saturday 12th July 2014 (Ticket £15) and the Summer Glau Photo Session Saturday 12th July 2014 (£20.00) from the Showmasters Ltd Online Store sometime over the next couple of days. However, is it just a matter of adding the two items to a basket and then filling in my credit card details? Or do I login with my forum username and password? Or do I have to Register a new account with the Showmasters Ltd Online Store? Also, it says: "This is for a photo session for one person with Giancarlo Summe
  14. Thanks for the reply :) The main thing I want to do is get a photo and autograph with Summer Glau as Firefly and TSCC are two of my favourite tv shows. Would it be best to buy the photo thing online the now or can you do it on the day? Will it get sold out? I saw the option to buy the photo with Summer online for £20.00 (Summer Glau Photo Session) but for an autograph which costs £20.00 as well can you pay for that online or do you pay for that on the day? Also noticed a small typing mistake for Summer, it said Giancarlo? Whats the difference between the Early Bird Entry (£15.
  15. Hi :) I haven't been to a Comic Con before and the London Film and Comic Con 2014 will be my first one. If a guest does both a Photo and Autograph, then is it okay to go for the Photo first and then when you go for the Autograph to ask the celebrity to sign the Photo picture of you and the celebrity? Otherwise I would have to ask them to sign a different picture? Do you need to take a pen or will there be pens already there? Thanks :)
  16. True Blood: Anna Paquin Stephen Moyer Sam Trammell Ryan Kwanten Rutina Wesley Alexander Skarsgard Smallville: Tom Welling Allison Mack Kristin Kreuk Michael Rosenbaum John Glover Erica Durance Annette O'Toole Game of Thrones: Lena Headey Peter Dinklage Maisie Williams Emilia Clarke Alfie Allen Iain Glen Kit Harington Sophie Turner Others: Summer Glau Hayden Panettiere Patrick Stewart Scott Bakula Jolene Blalock Jennifer Lawrence
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