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  1. Hey guys, I was just wondering if anybody knew if there is anywhere you can store things at the event?

    I was thinking of dressing up for it (a Death Trooper from Star Wars!) so obviously I will have a big box for storage! I'm travelling up for the event so I have nowhere to drop the storage box off.


    Does anybody know if they provide storage lockers or anything like this? I guess if they did, there would be a charge for it. Any ideas on prices?


    Also, sorry if this has been asked already!

    Thanks to all who answer! :)

  2. Name: Sammy


    Age: 21


    Travelling From/With: South East UK With Dad


    Ticket/Intended Purchase: Standard + extras


    Favourite Trek: TNG and Voyager


    Favourite Trek Actor/Actress: Kate Mulgrew, Gates McFadden & Patrick Stewart


    Most Wanted Guest: Gates McFadden


    Favourite Other Movies/TV Shows: Damages, NCIS, Futurama.


    Music: Gary Numan and other 80's music

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