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Doctor who guests.

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So as ive posted on other blogs on this forum, i will update this with all relevant doctor who related guests, be them, large, small or even obscure, as this is just something i love to do.

firstly we have Maureen O'Brien who played the 1st new companion of the classic series Vicki, so her stories are from "The Rescue" to "The Myth Makers" so you'll need any copy of those stories be it DVD, CD or even the latest Blu Ray boxset of Season 2, of course you could also have "Lost in time" signed as she is in 4 episodes featured on that set along with a healthy number of clips, maybe even her catalogue of Big Finish Audio is to your taste, she is attending on the sunday Only and will cost £15 for an Autograph or a Photo. 



Next we have Peter Purves a man more locked in with Doctor who than just his appearances as Steven Taylor from 1965 to 1966 as along side his tenure from the stories "The Chase" to "The Savages" and his Big finish catalogue, but he also hosted Blue Peter for 10 years, in which many of his Doctor who moments are captured and preserved on DVD and Blu Ray so any of the Stories which feature Blue Peter Footage such as "Robot" could be signed, of course he's also featured heavily on "Lost in time" with a total of 4 episodes along with many clips, if you are so daring, of course you have a wide variety of choice for his stories format, be it DVD, Blu Ray, or even (And if you haven't listened to his narration for the TV soundtracks i would highly recommend) CDs, like Maureen he's on Sunday and will be £15.




Continuing with the Classic Companions that have been so far announced we have the ever so wonderful Katy Manning, Manning was in the series from "Terror of the Autons" to "The Green Death" before she made return appearances in "The Death of the Doctor" in the Sarah Jane Adventures and then more recently in "The Power of the Doctor", shes also made a healthy number of Big Finish Appearances either as Jo Grant or her original character Iris Wildthyme, so from the TV you'll need the aforementioned stories either on their individual DVDs,  the three Collection Box-sets (As Season 9 is due in 4 days) either Series 4 of The Sarah Jane Adventures or a complete Box-set of that series, and "power of the Doctor" either its individual set or its Steelbook packaging in The Complete Series 13 Specials, like the two previously mentioned she is £15 but is attending Saturday only.




from the rogues catalogue of monsters we have arguably the most popular actor to have played Davros, Terry Molloy, his on screen stories are "Resurrection of the Daleks", "Revelation of the Daleks" and "Remembrance of the Daleks" as the Dalek Creator, but he also had a fourth appearance where he had a turn as Russell in "Attack of the Cybermen", so for those you'd need the DVDs (Either originals or Special Editions) or perhaps the Season 22 Box-set, maybe even The Davros Collection, of course he indeed has one of the most healthy Big Finish catalogues such as "I, Davros" a fantastic Series of Audios, he is on Sunday and is £15 for either Autograph or Photo.




Of course we have a Doctor, the 6th one to be precise, so any story from "The Twin Dilemma" to "The Ultimate Foe" is what you want, however if you're feeling more on the obscure side he was also Commander Maxil in "Arc of Infinity" where he gets the job by Shooting Peter Davison, his Big Finish Catalogue is large and too numerous to name here, but he made a recent return in "Power of the Doctor" so any variation of those stories is ideal, be it DVD or Blu Ray, he is on both days, and is £20 for either signature or Photo.




for fans of the New (and more popular series) we have John Simm who along with Derek Jacobi introduced The Master to the screen in "Utopia" he is on a limited set of Stories, So Series 3 Volume 4, The Complete Third Series, "The End of Time", The Complete Specials or The Complete Tenth Series are what you'd be after either DVD or Blu Ray wise, he is £30 and is on the Saturday but he also has a diamond pass offering, for £70.




any more guests and i'll update here for fans.

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