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I miss the buzz of the old days around here so how about we create some excitement?

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I'm planning on seeing Nate.

I'm hoping he'll sign my body.

Cosplaying as Nate.

If I'm lucky enough, I'll pick up Nate.


Yeah, welcome to the Nate Appreciation Society. :wub:

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20 hours ago, pretenama2012 said:

Who are you planning to see?

What are you hoping to get signed?

Who or what are you cosplaying as (if applicable)?

What collectables are you hoping to pick up?

Can't wait to hear all about it! :)


1. Only going Sunday but Bernard Cribbins, Phillip Glenister, Mickey Dolenz, Sean Maguire (I'm old and remember him from Grange Hill).

2. I prefer photoshoots.  Luckily for me, no clashes.  I really appreciate SM releasing the schedule.

3. As myself lol.  I'm not brave nor creative enough to cosplay.

4. Some autographs that are cheaper at the show than online.  Not easy,  But part of the fun (the looking)

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From my friend:

A: Loads, inclluding Andy Sekis and Alex Kingston.

B: 21 differnt dvd cover plus his autograph book

C: Friday none Saturday a new cosplay he's been hunting down a few years Sunday medieval executioner

D: Not sure


Me, predominantly pre-2000 movie/tv and music/musical people like I always groovy do  cosplaying a couple of 80's classics

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only attending saturday

planning on meeting Alfred Enoch to get my Potter Poster signed (think that'll take me to 25 autos on it) Unfortunately the other potter guests have already signed it so just the one potter cast member for me this year.

Also have a diamond pass (after using my refund from the Robbie Coltrane DP) for David Harbour so i will be starting a Stranger Things poster.
was considering getting Joseph Quinn but that's unlikely to happen without a diamond pass (which are sold out)as he is SO popular right now. May grab a VQ ticket for him just in case.  Was thinking about maybe adding Robert Englund to it as well but think ill give that a miss due to his auto being a bit too expensive for me. 

No cosplay. hoping to find some Harry Potter Lego sets and some Pokemon Cards. also need to continue the tradition of buying a pokemon plushie at each convention i attend

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Super excited for Dee Wallace after she previously cancelled, she's a true horror icon and I'm coming armed with many a poster! Ethan Phillips is there too which means TWO signatures for the Critters poster :D

Hoping to get a dual Peter Purves/Maureen O'Brien 8x10 as well as the Hartnell era was my fave!

Mainly just excited to be in there though, just love being there!

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I'm coming to a con and can't meet anyone as still no voucher, despite being promised them on FB by today. And I can't afford tobpay again.  So I'm sorry, but I can't feel excited! 

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