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Latest Guest Announcement - JOSEPH QUINN

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Latest Guest Announcement - Joseph Quinn

Appearing: Saturday

Autograph: £45

Photo Shoot: £45

Stranger Things Upside Down Set Photo Shoot: £55

Diamond Pass: £125
1 x Standard Auto
1 x Standard Photo Shoot
1 x Gift

Buy Tickets Now


Eddie Munson - Stranger Things
Koner - Games of Thrones





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45 minutes ago, dogsoldierspoon said:


Probably the biggest guest for me now this weekend, but as I'm only there Friday/Saturday I'm pretty worried about my chances


It’s gonna be DP or nothing to meet him quite possibly

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Joseph Quinn has sold out of Diamond Passes for Saturday and I'm sure there were at least 9 batches of those, on top of the large number of batches for both of his shoots on Saturday. By contrast, I was able to get Batch 1 of the ST set shoot for Sunday so you may be better off on Sunday on VQs. I will try but being only there in the morning on Sunday will reduce the likelihood of getting him. I may get a VQ on Saturday but I won't hold my breath.

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12 minutes ago, freebirdspartan said:

Where have u seen Joseph is only there Sunday morning? I know DH has short hours but seen nothing about JQ

I believe that jonedney124 means that they will only be there Sunday morning. Joseph will be there all day as his photos are in the afternoon.

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9 hours ago, Faerie Tanith said:

I've been coming to cons for years and I've NEVER seen crowds and actual shrieking fans for anyone quite like the ones I saw for Joseph. I might need to actually watch Stranger Things so I can see what all the hype is about.

Makes me largh seeing loads of teens slapping loads of makeup on 

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I attempted to get a virtual queue ticket but i couldn't get to anyone in charge of his queue to get one. That and i got shoved out of the way by two girls telling me to move as they tried to push in so i gave up. Luckily i had a photo op anyway. I have been to the cons with Tennant and Cumberbatch but i have never seen anything like yesterday. Anyway in the photo op Joseph was lovely. 

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What a joke I noticed the little teen girls were very rude and pushing in when I was getting a virtual ticket yesterday I managed to get 1 today which was good but feel sorry for the poor bloke looked absolutely tired this morning and yet again same as yesterday people expecially teens sitting on the floor while I was Trying to get a photo shoot sm needs to sort this out in future reference for health and safety reasons

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