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Latest Guest Announcement - JAMES COX

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Latest Guest Announcement - James Cox

Appearing: Sunday

Autograph: £10

Photo Shoot: £10

Buy Tickets Now


*Rogue One - Stunts - Stormtrooper/X-Wing Pilot/Ben Mendelsohn Stunt double 
*The Last Jedi - Elite Praetorian Guard/Stunts 
*The Force Awakens - Stunts - Knights of Ren/Stormtrooper
*Rise of Skywalker - Stunts 
*Solo - Stormtrooper/Stunts 
*Spectre - Stunts 
*Skyfall - Stunts 
*Avengers Age of Ultron - Stunts/Stunt double Aaron Taylor Johnson 
*Black Widow - Stunts
*Eternals - Stunts 
*Game of Thrones - Stunts 
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