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Cloak Rooms


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Please tell me more Cloak Rooms will be open this time, for people coming from outside of London, I know its a pain but its needed.
Last time I attended LFCC the staff /Stewards pointed me to 4 different cloak rooms that turned out to all be closed, and when I told people they just shrugged.
In the end I was almost late for a very important very expensive photo running to the only one open at the other end of the building. 

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2 hours ago, LadyDeTemps said:

I'm interested to know if there are cloakrooms too as I can't check into my hotel until Saturday afternoon. Really don't want to be lugging case around all day.

There should be but as Midnight says finding an open one can be a challenge as it's down to the venue and not Showmasters.  If you can you can ask your hotel if they will take the luggage in early - most good places are usually happy to do that and keep it in the concierges room

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