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Felicity Jones private signing

Chris C

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There was no official news on the Showmasters Twitter feed apart from one irate customer.

I emailed the shop and I received an email saying that one of the Showmasters crew sadly was undergoing bereavement which explains the long silence. Of course this bereavement is more important than my order being potentially late.

I stumbled upon the Showmasters Facebook page which had some updates and the Showmaster crew member who I presume is in charge of the send in orders emailed me back.

I received my Felicity Jones signed photo last week and my poster today which I am pleased about. A long anxious wait over! That irate customer on Twitter didn't help by making worrying accusations and no reply from Showmasters to refute his claims.

Anyway, this was the first time I used the send in service and it had a good outcome. Thank you Showmasters.

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