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Films watched in 2021


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OK then here is my list of the films from best to worst that I saw at the cinema this year. Was a quiet year cinema wise for me. 

1) Spiderman: Far From Home

2) Ghostbusters: Afterlife

3) A Quiet Place 2

4) Shang-Chi

5) Black Widow

6) The Suicide Squad

And will add, another year that I have avoided seeing a James Bond film

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I saw 27 films in cinemas in 2021. From favourite to least favourite:

1) Halloween Kills (bare in mind I am incredibly biased towards this franchise :lol:)

2) Spider-Man: NWH

3) Zack Snyder's Justice League

4) Last Night in Soho

5) The Suicide Squad

6) Godzilla vs Kong

7) Malignant

8) Ghostbusters: Afterlife

9) No Time To Die

10) Candyman

11) Dune

12) Nobody

13) West Side Story

14) Spiral

15) Free Guy

16) Shang-Chi

17) Old

18) A Quiet Place 2

19) The Conjuring 3

20) Cruella 

21) Black Widow

22) Eternals

23) In The Heights

24) Jungle Cruise

25) Fast and Furious 9

26) The Forever Purge

27) Space Jam 2

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2.5/5 (No Spoliers)

There's so much RE media coming out regularly from games to animated movies and a series that it's a shame Sony didn't take more time and care with this reboot coming only 5 years since Paul W.S. Anderson's films. But this reboot was always doomed; after Anderson, directors will only get worse as no one better will wanna take-up the baton. Enter Johannes Roberts, director of 47 METRES DOWN (2017). Gulp. :unsure:

To its credit, the new film is very atmospheric and at least tries to be a horror film (unlike Anderson's style-over-substance action-fests) however director, Roberts, relies quite heavily on cheap jump-scares, dim-lighting and being faithful to the games in order to be entertaining.

It's also quite a slow start and it takes its time to introduce characters with loads of expositional dialogue but the "villain" isn't made evil enough (he's a nice family man) and his motives are unclear. The plot also lacks direction and doesn't feel like a complete self-contained story much like a first episode of a new TV series.

Its a humble film and quite small in scope - even the cinematography and Raccoon City itself, feels more like a little town and the zombies in the mansion/police station setting reminded me of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968) and ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 (1976) - John Carpenter was obviously a heavy influence on this film right down to the score and end titles. It's not a terrible film, but rather an OK-ish SyFy Channel film with slightly higher production values.

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