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Storage for Autographs (8x10)

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Hi I have wanted to upgrade how I storage my 8x10 autographs for a while, I think they are ok in my current folder but I would like something more high end. How do does everyone else storage there autographs and do you happen to have any pictures, i've seen comments before of how some people storage there's but pictures with links of what you use would help me greatly.


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I'll try and take some pics of mine later for you but in general they are in folders in either Ultra pro pages or ones from Conservation by design.  A lot of people swear by Itoya folders which aren't cheap.

https://www.cxdinternational.com/ supplies museum quality stuff, if you search for 'ring' (for ring binders) 'pages' 'A4' ect  and 'timecare' https://www.cxdinternational.com/enclosures/transparent-album-pages/timecare-polyester-album-pages-a4-pytcrp7609?returnurl=%2fextendedsearch%3fq%3dtimecare%26count%3d60   it should give you a few options.  A friend board backs his as well but I don't, and I've seen people use photo corners to keep theirs in place on a board back as well.  The CXD folders are quite nice looking and would look good on a shelf I think.

The key is always making sure whatever you use is acid free.  Anything that says it's museum/archive quality should definitely be but it pays to check it says it's acid free in the item description.

For my stuff that's larger than 8x10, I keep them flat in an A3 box, each item wrapped in acid free tissue paper.  I bought this one, they have other options on the site, again just search 'archival' but do make sure it's acid free - ignore the brown boxes, they aren't listed as acid free despite being listed as archival  IIRC. https://www.londongraphics.co.uk/print-box-35mm-a3



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Bear in mind mine are functional rather than decorative so not what you are looking for but at least you can see what they look like

The inside of the LGC archive box


The pictures underneath wrapped in tissue paper


Standard ringbinder with Timecare pages


And a Collectors album


With Ultra Pro pages


If you buy the binder and pages from the same place they should be fine but it's worth noting if you mix and match they may not.  The Timecare pages do not fit in the Collector album as it's a 3 ring binder, but they do fit in a standard 2 ring

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