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Time to say goodbye


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Well guys... it's been a fun time on here. 

But now the time has come for StuartG and me to step down as an Admin and a Moderator and move on.

We have always loved helping people and making the experience better for everyone at the shows. Also we have made some great friends on here. Raylenth, Nate, WrongName, Broo, wjbleming and a ton of others that would take too much time to name. But all good things come to an end.

I'm sure Stuart will say something later too when he gets a chance. We are a team, discussed this step and made the decision together. It hasn't been an easy decision, but we feel that we are making the right choice.  

I have no clue when someone will remove our ranks on here, but we are stepping down as of me typing this. We won't be gone from events and you may find us on here on occasion to chat, but we will no longer be working for Showmasters.   

See you around hopefully!

*hugs everyone*

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Group hug Queen.  I'm so sorry to hear this.  Thank you for taking care of the place and us all, you and Stuart are brilliant people.  We will definitely meet up at the next event we are at for an actual big hug.

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I cannot tell you how gutted I truly am by this. QS and Stuart, you guys are awesome and you I know I mean that. You have been the backbone of this forum and had to put up with more stuff than most people on here probably realise and I want to thank you for everything you have done. Working on here can be a thankless task, especially as volunteers but you have always powered through any and all incidents in a calm, professional way yet always made it a welcoming place and joined in with much of the fun. I hope you do hang around in a none working capacity as you will be missed and of course I can't wait to see you both at the shows in the future. It's not gonna be the same on here without you two at the helm.


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So sorry to hear you are both leaving, it is not an easy job and you have been great moderators and will be missed a lot :crying:

Thank you for making the forum the amazing community that it is and for putting up with me and my endless Peter Capaldi gifs!:lol:

Hopefully I will see you both at events in the future. :WAVE:


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Best wishes to you both. This forum is always fun. Not sure many people realise how much work goes on behind the scenes but you have done a sterling job. 

And I don't know how you managed to put up with all of R4's Capaldi gifs. I'm sure I couldn't.  :whistling:

Good luck with all your future endeavours. Maybe see you at a future event. 

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Aw nooo I'm so sad to hear this :'( I'm genuinely at a loss for words, the forum absolutely will not be the same without you. You and Stuart both are awesome people and have done so so much here (so much that describing it as So Much is woefully inadequate), just, thank you for everything. I was so thrilled to get to meet you both last LFCC, sincerely it was wonderful and I hope to see you at many an event in the future. 

I tried to find a Ben Browder hug gif, instead have a Ben Browder kissing gif ;)


Very best wishes to you both xx

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Darn typo
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You were a massive help for me, Queen -- helping me resolve my the-message-board-hates-my-ISP ban when I thought all hope was lost.  I'm sorry you both are stepping down but understand that things never stay the same.  I wish you all the best in whatever you decide to do next.

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