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Latest Guest Announcement - ROBBIE COLTRANE


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10 minutes ago, shakeYourGrooveThing said:

ahhhh now that's just GRRRRRRRROOOOOvy! 

and I think my friends just bought his dp-not that would affect it will it?

Just tell him to check it, as long as it says it's a DP for Aaron and they date/price is right it should be fine

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57 minutes ago, whitewillow said:

Great guest! Though he's a bit on the expensive side. However this year is looking to not have many guests for me, so I think I can afford one expensive guest. Currently it's between Robbie Coltrane and Alice Cooper.

Though Choice....

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28 minutes ago, shakeYourGrooveThing said:

He has confirmed he did buy it when it was saying Aaron Paul DP at the bottom, he's wondering if this should carry over as Batch 1 for his Robbie DP?

Sorry I mistyped my reply, if it was a DP for Robbie and it says Aaron in the boxes at the top he will need to contact the shop to get it resolved

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9 hours ago, Kurdamoni said:

I hope he does a Q&A… although there won’t be a lot of time since he’s only there for a day and he’ll be crazy busy 

Hate to say it but there's nothing in the shop for him and there's tickets for Aaron's talk so I'd assume not.

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