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Latest Guest Announcement - STEPHANIE LEONIDAS

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Latest Guest Announcement - Stephanie Leonidas

Appearing: Saturday

Autograph: £15

Photo Shoot: £15

Buy Tickets Now


Defiance - Irisa
Killjoys - Clara - Alice
Snatch (TV Series) - Chloe Keen
Endeavour - Violetta Talenti
American Gothic - Sophie Hawthorne
Mirrormask - Helena/Anti-Helena 





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53 minutes ago, LesserJowl said:

Upon going to buy a photo for Stephanie, it is also making me choose an option for Lukas Leong on the same order.

Should I just go ahead or does this need fixing before I buy.

Thanks :)

If it's adding another guest onto the order and won't let you buy just hers I'd wait personally

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