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Problem with Press Application Form

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I work for Showmasters, I am one of their forum administrators. So I can contact most people in the office.

Go to the show, show the confirmation you got. Tell them that the second person could not come and someone else is replacing them. They will switch the names and give you the passes.

Warning, my French is quite basic too. ;)

Allez à l'événement, montrez la confirmation que vous avez obtenue. Dites-leur que la deuxième personne n'a pas pu venir et que quelqu'un d'autre les remplace. Ils changeront les noms et vous donneront les laissez-passer.

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Usually you have to show the email and an ID to collect the press pass. There's a maximum of two people for each outlet and their names are on the "press pass". As long as your name is on the press pass and you can provide the letter of accredition and an ID you should be fine, no matter if the other person can join you or not. However, usually they also have a list with all the names and outlets and an ID should be enough -  however, this is only my experience as someone who as been granted press passes in the past. Hope this helps.

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27 minutes ago, inforumatik said:

hello @Queen_Sindel, i'm right outside the main entrance to comic con.  Do you think it's possible to see Jill?

Ask the crew at the door.  Queen isn't at the event and is in Germany so she may not see this for a bit or be able to get through to anyone at the show for you, so really all I can urge you to do is speak to people there.  Go to the Info or Organisers desk if the crew outside can't help.

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