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Who are you meeting?


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10 hours ago, Raylenth said:

Yes, and I guess so, or at least it's implied by having his tickets there.

The diamond pass has only recently been re-added, so like you i'm taking this as an indication that he he is still going

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11 hours ago, DullyEL said:

Has Aaron Paul been added back on to the shop? Has he been reconfirmed?

they've only been added in the last week. i'm taking it as indication he is still going

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Since the event has been moved to winter, I can now surely attend if budget allows :rolleyes:

my list so far updated;

Robbie Coltrane DP

Antony Carrick auto

Ray Hassett auto

Jim Dowdall auto 

Colin Salmon auto & photo 

Ben Browder auto 

so looking forward to attending once again!!! 



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