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2 hours ago, pretenama2012 said:

Hi Star Wars fans, can someone please clarify which of the two Niktos Paul plays in ROTJ. The one fighting with Lando on the skiff or the one firing the guns on the barge? Some places say he was both. If someone can clarify for me it would be great. Thanks.

I can confirm 100% that he was Nikto on the skiff fighting with Lando; Paul Weston broke his leg during the stunt where he falls off the skiff into the pit. If he played the other Nikto I don't know.

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Yes, the Nikto on the skiff called Vedain. He also is generally accepted to be Vizam as well, one of the sail barge gunners. Weston was also Kensaric, one of the Endor rebel troopers. He had a lot of roles!

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