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Belfast Film & Comic Con 2020?

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56 minutes ago, Jace1981 said:

Any idea if we will be getting a 2020 show over in Belfast? News usually released by this time but nothing as of yet :(

I’d asked when leaving the 2019 show and was told yes, there is going to be 1 next year. Like the majority of the other regional events, we don’t know anything until SM posts the details. Keen to know as well, but the mods don’t have any details on the shows to be confirmed.

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Seeing that question came up more than half a dozen times now - last time was on Friday: trust me, if I had any more idea than what Mr Lemming kindly replied I would tell everyone. Unfortunately I don't. I wasn't even provided with the info he was told at the show. 

I  will report that this question is coming up. But unfortunately it would be the first time ever I get a response different than "we'll announce it when all details are confirmed." Really sorry.

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6 hours ago, leoric said:

Is there no updates on belfast or any regional shows they usually annouced by january. I know mods cant answer this question.

You've answered your own question really I'm afraid.  As with everything unfortunately until Showmasters choose to say something no one has any info and in the past they don't usually comment unless it's to announce dates.  The usual guide is that confirmed shows are on the website and here on the forum, if they aren't then they aren't confirmed as going ahead.

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