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Latest Guest Announcement - MARK PELLEGRINO


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Latest Guest Announcement - Mark Pellegrino

Appearing: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Autograph: £30

Photo Shoot: £30

Buy Tickets Now


Lucifer / Nick - Supernatural
Paul Bennett - Dexter
Jacob - Lost
Deputy Standall / Deputy Bill Standall  - 13 Reasons Why
Jack Winship - The Returned
Dr. Jedikiah Price - The Tomorrow People
James Bishop - Being Human (USA)
Gavin Q. Baker III - The Closer






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14 hours ago, denton83 said:

Has he cancelled? He is not on the schedule posted today but there has been no official announcement. 

According to SM he's still attending, it was a mistake leaving him off the schedule and it will be revised later today BUT Pellegrino says he will be in New Orleans at Creation this weekend. So no, he's not going to be at LFCC. 

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