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Latest Guest Announcement - MEAT LOAF

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Latest Guest Announcement - Meat Loaf

Appearing: Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Autograph Price: £50

Photo Shoot Price: £55

Talk: £10 (Friday & Sunday Only)

Diamond Pass  Fri/Sun (with talk) £145  Saturday (no talk) £135
1 x Autograph
1 x Photo Shoot
1 x Gift
1 x Talk (Friday & Sunday Only)

Buy Tickets Now


Fight Club - Robert 'Bob' Paulsen
The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Eddie - Ex Delivery Boy
Wayne's World - Tiny
Spice World - Dennis
Crazy in Alabama - Sheriff John Doggett
The 51st State - The Lizard
House M.D. - Eddie
Elementary - Herman Wolf





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Fab he's attending again! Very friendly and chatty :)

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