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Brigid Brannagh (Runaways, Angel, Army Wives & Brooklyn South)
Bailey Chase (Buffy, Batman Vs Superman, Ugly Betty, Queen of the South & Longmire)
Christine Taylor (Dodgeball, Tropic Thunder, Arrested Development & Brady Bunch)
Alexa Davalos  (The Punisher, The Man in the High Castle, Mob City & Angel)
Leven Rambin (Hunger Games, Gone, Tomorrow People, Terminator: Sarah Connor :borg: & Percy Jackson)
Adam Kaufman (Without a Trace, State of Affairs, Dawson’s Creek & Buffy)

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Life is Strange

  • Hannah Telle - Max Caulfield
  • Ashly Burch and Rhianna DeVries - Chloe Price
  • Kylie Brown - Rachel Amber
  • Katy Benz - Steph Gringrich
  • Dayeanne Hutton - Kate Marsh
  • Don McManus - David Madsen
  • Cissy Jones - Joyce Price
  • Daniel Bonjour - Frank Bowers
  • Dani Knights - Victoria Chase
  • Nik Shriner - Nathan Prescott
  • Derek Philips - Mark Jefferson
  • Carlos Luna - Warren Graham
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