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New 2020 Dates London Destination Star Trek.

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Wherever a convention is held its going to be easier for some than other to travel there.

We all can't have a venue on our own doorstep.

We've travelled down to previous DST events at Excel London in the past from Durham and the earlier you book your accommodation and travel the cheaper it appears to be.

There are many hotels right next to the venue and their prices come nowhere near to the prices in Central London. At the moment it appears that they are not taking bookings as far in advance as November 2020. What we need to do is look every week at hotels to check when they do start to take bookings.

London has a fantastic public transport system (but Crossrail still may not be open by next year). Rather than driving maybe think about travelling by air or train. We've a lot of experience travelling by train from the North East of England where the price of a one way ticket can be £21 for an advanced ticket up to £150 for an 'on the day' ticket purchase. So once again buy in advance as far as you can to get the best possible price.

Looking forward to this event and seeing everyone there again.





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3 hours ago, Captain Lucas said:

Looking at past locations, it seems to me there might be an intention to alternate between London and Birmingham. 

From the looks of it, a Voyager theme for the 25th anniversary. Voyager is one of my two favourites so very excited about this. I heard Kate's talk last year but wasn't able to get her autograph, so I'm grateful for another oppertunity. Roxann and Jeri as well, three Voyager stars right off the bat. I'll start saving up now...

Incidentially, for those who have gone to an event at the Edexcel before, any suggestions for an affordable place to stay, as this is a new location for me.

There are also online market places that offer lodging (not hotels) e.g. air bnb

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Thanks for the tips. It seems there are a few apartments and rooms avaliable to hire by the night nearby, which might be a good option for me. Probably will spend less on food that way as well.

Also, certainly agree with apollofan London is not a place to take your car. Aside from anything else, there is the congestion charge and the Ultra Low Emissions Zone to contend with. Train is going to be the most convenient option for most people for this one.

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Still plenty of time so I hope the majority of  the crew of Voyager can come for this 25th anniversary. We have a great start.

I hope Garrett Wang and Robert Duncan McNeill will be there. Robert Beltran and Tim Russ. Scarlett Pomers and why not Virginia Madsen.

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Kate and Roxanne are amongst just a small group of ST main character actors i've yet to meet , so fingers crossed for next year

Others are..


Tim Russ (had group photo)

Ethan Phillips (had group photo) 

Robert Mcneill

Jennifer Lien.

Levar Burton.

Michael Dorn.

George Takei.



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