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Lindsay Crouse (Buffy, LA Dragnet & Law & Order)
Chad Lindberg (Supernatural, CSI: NY, I Spit On Your Grave & Agents of S.H.I.E.LD.)
Shiri Appleby (Roswell, ER, Swimfan, Six Degrees, Girls, Un-Real & Life Unexpected)
Michael Stoyanov (The Dark Knight, Blossom & Billions)
Jackson Rathbone (Twilight, S Darko, The Last Airbender, The Last Ship & Aim High)
Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory, Charmed, 8 Simple Rules & 6Teen)

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Christian/Jason Reso (WWE)

Gangrel/David Heath (WWE)

Deep Roy (Star Wars, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory etc)

Hugh Spight (Star Wars, the Dark Crystal etc)

David Barclay (Star Wars, the Dark Crystal etc)

Mindy Sterling (Austin Powers)

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17 minutes ago, Chris1970 said:

Some guests from ”Father Brown” would be so cool.

Mark Williams

Emer Kenny

John Burton

Jack Deam

Sorcha Cusack

Nancy Carroll

Why have you put Father Brown in quotes?  Are you saying it's a euphemism for something else? :huh:

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Cailey Fleming (The Walking Dead - Judith Grimes , Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker - Young Rey)

Rose Williams (The Reign - Claude de Valois , Sanditon - Charlotte Heywood)

Theo James (Divergent - Four , Sanditon - Sidney Parker)

Joey Batey (The Witcher - Jaskier)

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gwendoline christie

gal gadot

evangeline lilly

pom klemetieff

karen gillan

billie piper

david tennant

dominic monaghan (i really wish i met him when he was at LFCC 2016!)

chris evans

tom holland

krysten ritter

charlie cox

bradley walsh

sebastian stan and catherine tate (met them already but would love to meet them again!)

anthony mackie

alex kingston

elijah wood

tessa thompson

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