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kill 12 hours ago, Peter Capaldi Fan said:

This weekend. 


But it will still be fun. :dance:

I think this might be the first convention In a long time that I will be wearing a scarf. (really don't want snow lol.)

16 hours ago, Peter Capaldi Fan said:

If I see something small, furry, extra cute and dressed like the 10th Doctor (minus the optional accessory) my willpower turns to complete mush.

The latest addition to the household arrived today. 



Cute! Having to maintain my willpower, because if I don't I wont have much spending money.:lol:

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1 hour ago, wjbleming said:

That would be an idea though. If we were all attending, we could gather everyone to watch the finale, even if it’s in someone’s hotel room. lol

I don’t think any of you would want to watch it with me, I get a bit, I suppose you could say too excited!? I am a Whovian after all it’s my job description  :P

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