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Latest Guest Announcement: Christopher Lambert

Attending: Sat ONLY

Autograph Price: £30

Photo Shoot Price: £30

Highlander Green Screen Photo Shoot Price: £40

Diamond Pass Price: £80

*1x Guaranteed in person Autograph

*1x Guaranteed Standard Photo Shoot

*1x Exclusive Gift


*Highlander - Connor MacLeod 
*Highlander II: The Quickening - Connor MacLeod
*Highlander: The Final Dimension - Connor MacLeod
*Highlander: Endgame - Connor MacLeod
*Mortal Kombart - Lord Rayden
*Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes - Tarzan
*The Blacklist - Bastien Moreau 
*NCIS: Los Angeles - Marcel Janvier
*Fortress - John Henry Brennick 
*Kickboxer: Retaliation - Thomas Moore 
*Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - Methodius 
*Subway - Fred 
*Hail, Caesar! - Arne Seslum  
*Knight Moves - Peter Sanderson 
*Gunmen - Dani Servigo 

View Filmography


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17 hours ago, showmasters said:


"Uh oh, I've run out of toilet paper..."

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So glad you managed to get him for the Spring event after the Winter event was cancelled :)

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