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Rude Showmasters staff pushing in

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I understand that they have to get back to they jobs. 

But there was really rude showmasters staff pushing in front for photo shoots. 

They was a total of 4 who pushed in at the Ben Barnes shoot not even saying excuse me. Just I need to get back to work. 

I had a extra help band and walk with a stick but they still thought it was ok to push in front of me. There was a good few of us quite in shock with how they were. It was quite clean many of us were having trouble standing. 

Maybe this goes in line with the fact many of the blue shirts had no idea what extra help bands were. Every time I needed help I had to find a red shirt staff member. (Pit boss)

Maybe they need a bit of education on some matters.


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Normally the pit boss of the area sorts the volunteers in, and they don't decide on their own where to go. I apologize that it seems this didn't happen here for some reason.

I will put in pn my list of things to raise with the office.

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