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Disappearing Announcement

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Excuse that this is short, I am on my phone and in a moving car.

A guest announcement went up that should never have gone up. Some people played a cruel joke and someone fell for it.

We are currently investigating. An official statement from the office will be up soon.

For now please wait for this statement.

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That's such a horrible thing for someone to do. I feel for the fans, but also for everyone at SM, as they will have to deal with the fallout from someone's actions. It's such a sad thing to happen after an incredible amount of announcements this evening, which everyone should be buzzing about, rather than now dealing with this. 

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Is anyone interested in having a Captain America/Cevans fan meet up? If any Cap cosplayers would like to join in & maybe we could try sorting out an unofficial photo op.

I'm really angry about this situation but I want to do something positive with it.

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Just now, HeartDT said:

Awful for someone to do this.   But not sm fault.     Yeah was totally buzzing now deflated but thinking about all the amazing gueats i already have book to meet makes me smile again :)

You're right. There are still some amazing guests that I am over the moon to meet, so am not letting this spoil what was a great announcement! As then the person who did it wins.

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1 minute ago, unsubliminal said:

Still trying to work out which guest is who from the clues? Is Carrie the one with moves? Cuz she had some pretty good ones in the matrix

No it was the disappearing announcement guest - the thread was what was moved...

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5 minutes ago, Queen_Sindel said:

No the clues post was real. It is my understanding the first guest was Zachary and the second Carrie-Anne.

Everyone, please stop the fighting. Some people are trying to lighten the mood.

Ah great thanks for confirming. 2 awesome announcements.

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