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Latest Guest Announcement: Daniel Mays

Attending: Sat ONLY

Autograph Price: £20

Photo Shoot Price: £20


*Good Omens - Arthur Young

*Rogue One - Tivik

*Dr Who 'Night Terrors' - Alex 

*Ashes to Ashes - Jim Keats 

*Line of Duty - Danny 

*The Adventures of Tintin - Allan/ Pirate Flunky 1 

*The Bank Job - Dave Shilling 

*Dad's Army - Walker 

*The Limehouse Golem - George Flood 

*Atonement - Tommy Nettle 

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7 minutes ago, greedo_uk said:

What was the series where he was on another planet (mars?) Which got scraped. Thought that was pretty good.

I think that might have been Outcasts.

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