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Gold Pass Virtual Queuing

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Would someone be able to clarify something for me please regarding Gold Passes and virtual queuing?

If I hold a gold pass, does that enable me to join ANY autograph line without the need of a VQ ticket? Or do I still need a regular VQ ticket for the bigger, Diamond Pass guests (eg. Brendan Fraser, Christopher Eccleston)?

I was thinking of getting a GP purely for the perk above as I can't arrive until late on the Saturday, however if this is only valid for smaller guests, it hardly seems worth it since they will have shorter queues anyway.

Thanks a bunch!

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A Gold Pass does not include Diamond Guests. Gold Pass Holders do require Virtual Queue tickets for Diamond Pass holders. 

There's plenty of popular non-Diamond guests where the Gold Pass comes in useful. But if your main goals are Diamond Guest and you can't come early to get VQ tickets a Gold Pass may not work for you, I agree. The Gold Pass holders do get early entry to the venue, so a chance for lower VQ ticket numbers. But if you are not there in the morning that does not help if you are there one day only.

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