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Latest Guest Announcement - Tom Ellis

Appearing: Saturday & Sunday

Autograph: £65

Photo Shoot: £65

Diamond Pass Saturday - £175
1 Autograph
1 Photograph

Damond Pass Sunday - £190
1 Autograph
1 Photograph
1 Stage Talk

Tickets on sale now


Lucifer - Lucifer Morningstar
Miranda - Gary Preston
Rush - William P. Rush
Once Upon a Time - Robin Hood
Merlin - Cenred
Doctor Who - Thomas Milligan




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Midlothian is lovely too :) used to live on the borders of west lothian and south lanarkshire and would go to midlothian sometimes. I decided i needed a bit of care for me this year as my eldest

Gosh I think you're actually a superhero!! You're amazing <3 One of my sons has additional needs (he has a rare neurodegenerative condition, my literal one in a million ) and needs a lot of additio

I am so sorry, I was told that this would likely happen at some Point this afternoon, but I hadn't received definite confirmation that it would happen. Seeing the talk is in the store now I guess this

Oh! YES!  :clap:Was this deliberate timing with Lucifer S4 now on Netflix from today? :D I was gonna watch tonight but my two year old twin nieces kept me busy up till now and now I'm too exhausted to watch anything lol. Anyways. This is awesome. Now, just get Tom Welling back with Michael Rosenbaum, and possibly a couple more OUAT and Lucifer guests and you'll make this girl very, very happy indeed. If that's not asking for too much. :P :firedevil:

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7 hours ago, fanowaty said:

Although not really for me, my friend is literally dying from happiness!

I'm not entirely convinced that is how the English language works....

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