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Latest Comic Guest Announcement: Nick Roach

Attending: Saturday & Sunday

Nick Roche is a writer/artist best known for helping IDW Publishing's TRANSFORMERS reach widespread critical acclaim, most notably with the WRECKERS SAGA (Last Stand of The Wreckers, co-written with James Roberts, was selected as IGN.com's 'Best Transformers Comic Of All Time') and his contribution to MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE.

When not in deep space with giant robots, Nick has also worked with Marvel Comics on DEATH'S HEAD and NEW WARRIORS, co-created horror comedy comic MONSTER MOTORS with 'Minions' screenwriter Brian Lynch, and provided music video artwork and album cover design for rock band, The Darkness

Nick is currently working on creator-owned material, has recently been announced as part of the creative team behind the new DEATH’S HEAD series at Marvel, and is providing covers for Marvel Comics and for multiple IDW and Titan Comics titles.


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