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Guest Days & Prices - Cardiff March 2019

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Guest Days and Prices

Guest Name Attending Autograph Photo Shoots Diamond Price
Mark Williams Saturday £20 £20 / with Harry Potter Car £30  
Garrick Hagon Sat/Sun £20 £20  
Jarred Blancard Sat/Sun £15 £15  
Art Parkinson Saturday £15 £15  
Hannah Waddingham Sunday £15 £15  
George Roubicek Sunday £10 £10  
Shauna MacDonald Saturday £15 £15  
Will Willoughby Saturday £15 Double Photo Shoot with Karanja Yorke £30  
Karanja Yorke Saturday £15 Double Photo Shoot with Will Willoughby £30  
Daniela Tlumacova Sunday £10    
Jamie Anderson Sunday £10    
Robert Englund Sat/Sun £60 £45 £150
John Levene Sat/Sun £10 £10  
Lawrence Gillard JNR Sat/Sun £15 £15  
Colin Baker Saturday £20 £20  
Wendy Padbury Sat/Sun £10 £10 / Double Photo Shoot with Frazer Hines £20  
Christopher Fairbank Saturday £15 £15  
Billy James Machin Saturday £10    
Crystal Clarke Saturday £10    
Frazer Hines Sunday £10 £10 / Double Photo Shoot with Wendy Padbury £20  
Sarah Sutton Saturday £10 £10  
Francesca Gonshaw Sunday £15 Double Photo Shoot with Vicki Michelle £30  
Vicki Michelle Sunday £15 Double Photo Shoot with Francesca Gonshaw £30  
Julian Glover Sat/Sun £20 £20  
Zac Kohen Sunday £10 £10  
Sergio Marini Sunday £10 £10  
Mike Collins  Sunday N/A N/A  
Simon Wyatt  Sat/Sun N/A N/A  
Simon Williams Sat/Sun N/A N/A  
Jason Cardy Sat/Sun N/A N/A  
CatButt Cosplay Sat/Sun N/A N/A  
Noodle Cup Cosplay Sat/Sun N/A N/A  
Banana Custard Costuming Sat/Sun N/A N/A  


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