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Latest Guest Announcement: Finn Jones

Attending: Saturday & Sunday

Autograph Price: £25

Photo Shoot Price: £25

Diamond Pass Price: £75

1x Guaranteed in person autograph from Finn

1x Guaranteed standard photo shoot with Finn

1x Exclusive Gift

Priority seating in Talk (Finn Jones & Jessica Henwick on Sat & Sun)

*Iron Fist - Danny Rand
*The Defenders - Danny Rand
*Luke Cage - Danny Rand
*Game of Thrones - Loras Tyrell 
*The Sarah Jane Adventures - Santiago Jones

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Ooo!  That's a lot cheaper than I was expecting.  Have met him already (he's a lovely guest), but might just go for an Iron Fist auto this time if I attend CMB.  And if there's a duo with Jessica, I'm most tempted...

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Great guest!! Loved meeting him at LFCC back in 2017. I'm definitely considering going to Birmingham for him (and Jessica). 

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