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Guest Suggestions London Film Fair.

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Lets hope... 

Monica Bellucci

David Soul

Joan Collins

Honor Blackman

Ursula Andress

Jane Seymour

Yaphet Kotto

Barbara Bach

Lois Chiles

Carole Bouquet


Maud Adams

Kristiana Wayborn

Tanya Roberts

Maryam D'Abo

Timothy Dalton

Izabella Scorupco

Teri Hatcher

Denise Richards

Eva Green

Olga Kurylenko 

And Lets have Lots of Bond Ladies from Spectre Please... :wub:

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Yorgo Voyagis (Zorba the Greek, Swept Away, Bourne Identity TV Series, The Odyssey)

Michael Tezcan (The Odyssey, Emmerdale)

Heathcote Williams (Basis instinct 2, Alice in Wonderland (1999))

Michael J Pollard (Bonnie & Clyde, Scrooged)

Geraldine Chaplin (Chaplin, Doctor Zhivago, The Impossible)

jeroen Krabbe (Living Daylights, The Fugitive, Immortal Beloved)

Irene Papas (Zorba the Greek, Z)

Greta Scacchi (The Odyssey, The Player)

Miles Anderson (House of Cards, Ultimate Force)

Vernon Dobtcheff (Indiana Jones, Spy who Loved me)

Josh Maguire (Chaplin, Dr who: Thirty Years in the Tardis)

robin parkinson (allo allo, button moon)

arthur bostrom (allo allo)

Gabe Cronnelly (Braveheart, Indiana Jones, The Fifth Element, World is Not Enough, Goldeneye, Dr Who Comic Relief 1999)

B J Worth (Goldeneye, World is Not Enough, Licence to Kill)

Maria Grazia Cucinotta (World is Not Enough)

David Yip (indiana Jones, View to a Kill, Dr Who)

art malik (living daylights, cold feet, jewel in the crown)

maureen o'brien (dr who)

waris hussein (dr who)

sharon duce (vera, midsomer murders)

barbara shelley (village of the damned, dracula)

denis lill (batman, the royal, survivors, 24)

liza goddard (midsomer murders, bergerac, dr who)

martin clunes (doc martin, men behaving badly)

gareth milne (skyfall, the bourne, red, dads army)

janet ellis (hotel babylon, waking the dead, dr who)

edward kelsey (danger mouse, wallace and gromit)

rio fanning (the district nurse, father ted, peak practice)

june brown (bean, minder, a christmas carol, eastenders)

matthew corbett (dr who, sooty show)

helen worth (dr who, coronation street)

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patsy palmer (eastenders)

rudolph walker (king ralph, love thy neighbour, eastenders, dr who)

charlie brooks (robin hood, eastenders)

lindsey coulson (dr who, eastenders)

derek martin (law and order, dr who)

danny dyer (eastenders)

tameka empson (eastenders)

tamzin outhwaite (eastenders, hotel babylon, dr who)

nina wadia (eastenders)

michael french (eastenders, casualty)

michelle collins (dr who, coronation street, eastenders)

cheryl fergison (dr who, eastenders)

john partridge (eastenders)

martine mccutcheon (love actually, eastenders, agatha christie's marple)

joe swash (eastenders)

martin kemp (eastenders)

ian lavender (dads army, eastenders)

tracy ann oberman (dr who, eastenders)

leslie schofield (star wars, blakes 7, eastenders)

nadia sawalha (eastenders)

larry lamb (superman, eastenders)

ray brooks (carry on abroad, daleks invasion earth, eastenders)

timothy west (ever after, day of the jackal, joan of arc, eastenders)

brian croucher (cranford, eastenders)

bobby davro (eastenders) 

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helen worth (coronation street, dr who)

antony cotton (coronation street, absolutely fabulous)

kym marsh (coronation street, holby city, doctors)

craig charles (red dwarf, coronation street)

thelma barlow (florence foster jenkins, dr who, coronation street)

bruno langley (coronation street, dr who, league of gentleman)

katherine kelly (coronation street, life on mars, mr selfridge, class)

georgia taylor (the bank job, coronation street, casualty)

shayne ward (coronation street)

tristan gemmill (the jacket, coronation street, casualty)

anne reid (wallace and gromit, hot fuzz, coronation street)

bradley walsh (coronation street, law and order, the chase, dr who)

sarah lancashire (happy valley, coronation street)

gray o'brien (coronation street, dr who)

suranne jones (doctor foster, scott and bailey, coronation street)

les dennis (coronation street, extras, 10 o'clock live)

sherrie hewson (loose women, coronation street, benidorm)

ian reddington (benidorm, shameless, robin hood, dr who, coronation street)

ken morley (coronation street, allo allo)

mark eden (dr who, dr zhivago, coronation street)

terence maynard (edge of tomorrow, reign of fire, coronation street)

natalie gumede (dr who, jekyll and hyde, coronation street)

nigel havers (chariots of fire, penelope, coronation street)

denise welch (loose women, waterloo road, coronation street)

will thorp (dr who, coronation street)

sean gallagher (dr who, coronation street)

kenneth cope (carry on, randall and hopkirk, dr who, coronation street)

ray fearon (beauty and the beast, harry potter, coronation street)

oliver mellor (coronation street, dr who)

michael byrne (indiana jones, tomorrow never dies, harry potter, coronation street)

john thomson (inkheart, fast show, cold feet, coronation street)

susan jameson (new tricks, coronation street)

ayesha dharker (star wars, dr who, coronation street)

rula lenska (minder, cluedo, dr who, coronation street)

rik makarem (casualty, emmerdale, torchwood)

bhasker patel (thunderbirds, indiana jones, emmerdale)

chelsea halfpenny (emmerdale, casualty, byker grove)

adele silva (dr who, emmerdale)

gemma atkinson (hollyoaks, emmerdale)

maxwell caulfield (grease, the colbys, emmerdale)

roxanne pallett (emmerdale, wrong turn)

patsy kensit (lethal weapon, emmerdale)

lesley manville (maleficent, emmerdale)

carolyn pickles (harry potter, broadchurch, emmerdale)

nigel betts (class, dr who, eastenders, emmerdale)

roy boyd (the wicker man, the omen, blakes 7, emmerdale)

charlie kemp (emmerdale, judge john deed)

stephen mcgann (call the midwife, emmerdale)

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It would be cool to have a few more Bond and Star Wars guests attending. At this point it would already be cool to see some new names added, because it's only a couple of weeks until the show :angel:

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With Brian Johnson being there and this year being Alien's 40th anniversary it would be cool to get some more SFX crew and model makers - Dennis Lowe, Roger Nichols, Ron Hone,etc. (and they all worked on Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back too)

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I know it's a long shot, but since there are already so many girls attending from On Her Majesty's secret Service it would be awsome if Joanna Lumley would attend one of the shows :angel:

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as there's a quadrophenia theme this year-how abt Sting?

other suggestions:

gerard naprous (mission impossible)

dyson lovell (romeo and juliet, merlin)

ralph bakshi (lord of the rings)

mary healey (dr who)

clinton greyn (dr who)

sheila hancock (boy in the striped pyjamas, dr who)

jeremy brudenell (david copperfield, highlander)

peter eyre (dragonslayer)

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For September.. Koo stark is a good shout, Lysette Anthony, Christopher Biggins, Susan George, Pam Ferris, Victoria Smurfit

Edited by kat21
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josh maguire (chaplin, the odyssey)

toby aspin (red dwarf, dr who)

graham tonge (dr who, London's burning)

Jessica carney (lovejoy, howards way)

mike gatting (the ashes, cricketer)

Sadie miller (screen one, dr who)

would b preeettyy grrrrooovy!!

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Some ideas /names:

  • Diana Rigg (The Avengers-serie , On Her Majesty's Secret Service , Game of Thrones)
  • Catherine Rabett (The Living Daylights , Frankenstein Unbound , You Rang, M'lord?)
  • Alison Doody (A View to a Kill , Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade)
  • Ken Marshall (Krull , Marco Polo , Star Trek:Deep Space Nine)
  • Julia Sawalha ( Absolutely Fabulous , Pride & Prejudice , Cranford , Lark Rise to Candleford)
  • Ashley Jensen (Extras , Agatha Raisin)
  • Jennifer Ehle (Pride & Prejudice)
  • Finola Hughes (Staying Alive)
  • Glynis Barber (Dempsey & Makepeace)
  • Jeffrey Holland ( Hi-de-Hi! , You Rang , M'Lord? , Oh , Doctor Beeching!)
  • Michael York (Cabaret , Logan's Run , Romeo & Juliet , Austin Powers)
  • Polly Walker (Sliver , Rome)
  • Su Pollard (Hi-de-Hi! , You Rang , M'Lord? , Oh , Doctor Beeching!)
  • Susie Brann (You Rang, M'Lord?)
  • Jane March (L'amant , Color of Night)
  • Paul Telfer (Hercules , Spartacus , Days of Our Lives)
  • Judy Geeson (Hammerhead , To Sir, With Love)
  • Maud Adams (Octopussy ,  The Man With The Golden Gun)
  • Shirley Eaton (Goldfinger)
  • Grace Jones (Conan The Destroyer , A View to a Kill)
  • Pauline Collins (Shirley Valentine)
  • Joanna Lumley (Absolutely Fabulous)
  • Jane Seymour (Live and Let Die , Dr. Quinn -Medicine Woman)
  • Luciana Paluzzi (Thunderball)
  • Kim Hartman (Allo , Allo!)
  • John D. Collins (Allo , Allo! You Rang, M'lord?)
  • Lysette Anthony (Krull , Look Who's Talking Now)
  • Charlene Tilton (Dallas)
  • Patrick Duffy (Dallas)
  • Zoe Lucker (Footballers Wives)
  • Cristian Solimeno (Footballers Wives)
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Some great For Your Eyes Only guests at these events but how about getting Topol to join them?

Good crossover appeal for Flash Gordon fans too.

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Gloria Hendry (Live and Let Die)

Kell Tyler /Belle Avery (The Living Daylights)

Vicki Michelle ('Allo , 'Allo)

Bérénice Marlohe (Skyfall)

Fiona Fullerton (A View to a Kill , Strictly Come Dancing)

Kabir Bedi (Sandokan , Octopussy)

Carol André (Sandokan)

Maria Grazia Cucinotta (Il Postino , The World is Not Enough)


Edited by hboy29
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