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12 minutes ago, carlthomas1236 said:

Hi everyone!

Has anyone here received their pre orders yet or have any info when they'll likely start sending?

I haven't seen any info but the best place for that will be the pre orders site, Jason does usually update the front page with info on shipping times after events, there's nothing there at the moment though

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All DST orders have shipped. If your UK give it until tomorrow and if not drop me an email. Outside of UK if you could give it to monday and if items have not arrived please email. 

All orders have shipped via a signed and tracked service. There were a LOT of items. 


OurDek email me today, I'm in front of the computer pretty much all day. Please mention your forum name as the forum names mean nothing when it come to the email addresses I have. 


Jason G 

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20 hours ago, Showmasters Pre Orders said:

Going by your forum name, dvd cover? Let me know if its not arrived. 


Bingo, Hellraiser cover signed by Andrew Robinson :-) It arrived yesterday, really pleased with it as always.

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