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An alternative list

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Like a lot of horror fans I am excited about the release of the new Halloween film (I am going to watch it next weekend!). It got me thinking however about the lesser known gems which get overlooked. Here are some of my favourites that I recommend. Would be interested in reading other people's!

Downrange. New release that I watched a couple of weeks ago. It's the usual scenario of a group young people get stranded in the middle of nowhere getting picked off. It's original though in that it's surprising on who gets killed and the ending has a refreshing twist to the usual ending that these kind of films have.

P2. The ever brilliant Wes Bentley stars as a loner working at a parking lot for a company. He gets a little too obsessed with a lady working there. Then on Christmas Eve she stops over and ends up being the last one to leave ...

When The Lights Went Out. A great ghost film set in the 70s allegedly based on a true story.

Hush. I think this is a Netflix only film. It's a home invasion movie with the twist being that the occupant is deaf. A great atmospheric film and very tense at times!

Julia X. Plot is about a woman who turns the tables on her date that she met on the Internet. The cast must have had a great time filming this. The action is almost cartoon like at times.

Dr Giggles. I was intrigued by this one when I read that Holly Marie Combs and Glenn Quinn starred in it. It is proper old school fun movie.

Mischief Night. A mix between Hush and When  Stranger Calls.

Even Lambs Have Teeth. Similar to I Spit On Your Grave. Though not as good it is still enjoyable.


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That's certainly an interesting list. :D

I've seen and loved Hush, but I must admit I've never heard of the others. I may have to check them out if I get the chance.

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