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28 minutes ago, Maxbanjo13 said:

I’d do anything to have billy Dee Williams attend.... anything! 

If he was able to attend, he'd have been announced at the same time as his LFCC appearance. On top of this, mate, but I think, going by his prices at LFCC, he might be too big for a regional show like Belfast, it'd cost too much to have him come over. Things can change though, and I've been proven wrong on the first count there once before. :smile:

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Guests from the Power Rangers series:

David Yost

Amy Jo Johnson

Jason David Frank

Austin St. John

Walter Jones

Karen Ashley

Johnny Yong Bosch

Steve Cardenas

Catherine Sutherland

Nakia Burrise

Blake Foster

Tracy Lynn Cruz

Roger Velasco

Patricia Ja Lee

Christopher Khayman Lee

Melody Perkins

Selwyn Ward

Hilary Shepard

Carol Hoyt

Richard Steven Horvits

David J. Fielding

Barbara Goodson

Ed Neil

Paul Schrier

Jason Narvy

Robert Axelrod

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