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Guest Suggestions

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let's get the ball rolling:

rudolph walker (king ralph, love thy neighbour, dr who)

lindsey coulson (dr who)

derek martin (law and order, dr who)

michelle collins (dr who)

cheryl fergison (dr who)

martine mccutcheon (love actually, agatha christie's miss marple)

tracy ann oberman (dr who)

leslie schofield (star wars, blakes 7)

larry lamb (superman)

timothy west (ever after, day of the jackal, joan of arc)

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Buffy & Angel guests please:

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Seth Green
Kristy Wu
Alyson Hannigan
Michelle Trachtenberg
Gina Torres
Daniel Dae Kim
David Denman
Jack Plotnick


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helen worth (dr who)

craig charles (red dwarf)

thelma barlow (florence foster jenkins, dr who)

bruno langley (dr who, league of gentleman)

katherine kelly (life on mars, mr selfridge, class)

anne reid (wallace and gromit, hot fuzz)

bradley walsh (law and order, the chase, dr who)

gray o'brien (dr who)

ian reddington (dr who, benidorm, shameless, robin hood)

ken morley (allo allo)

mark eden (dr who, dr zhivago)

terence maynard (edge of tomorrow, reign of fire)

natalie gumede (dr who, jekyll and hyde)

nigel havers (chariots of fire, sarah jane, penelope)

will thorp (dr who)

sean gallagher (dr who)

kenneth cope (carry on, randall and hopkirk, dr who)

ray fearon (beauty and the beast, harry potter)

oliver mellor (dr who)

michael byrne (indiana jones, james bond, harry potter)

john thomson (inkheart, fast show, cold feet)

ayesha dharker (star wars, dr who)

rula lenska (minder, cluedo, dr who)

rik makarem (torchwood)

bhasker patel (thunderbirds, indiana jones)

adele silva (dr who)

maxwell caulfield (grease 2, the colbys)

roxanne pallett (wrong turn)

patsy kensit (lethal weapon)

lesley manville (maleficent)

carolyn pickles (harry potter, broadchurch)

nigel betts (class, dr who)

roy boyd (the wicker man, the omen, blakes 7)

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Any Harry Potter guests!!!

For me: Vicki Michelle and Ken Morley (allo allo)

Jodie Whittaker (dr who)

Ian Lavender (dad's army)

Wrestlers (any)

Bumblebee car

For Wife: Jason Mamoa (got)

Jerome Flynn (got)

Sean Bean (got)

Any of Once upon a time cast

Any Only fool & horses cast



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 would really like the following to come back:

david hasselhoff

brian blessed

karen gillan

alexander siddig

chase masterson

juliet landau

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i've just noticed morgan deare has appeared in dr who twice now, in delta and now as arthur in rosa, so morgan deare please (hes also done mission impossible & roger rabbit)

plus ian longstaff (voldemorts stunt double in harry potter)

and bernard holley (dr who)

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Jason Mewes

Ming Chen

Michael Zapcic 

Bryan Johnson 

Brian OHallaran 

Marilyn Ghigliotti 

Scott Schiaffo 

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as sarah sutton has been announced....

please get maureen o'brien

janet fielding

and dr who movie cast

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how about some actors from the current series of dr who, doesn't have to be anyone from series 11 precisely, it can b anyone from the 2005 series through to whats airing now...?

exampler.... toby hadoke

suzanne packer

morgan deare

vinette robinson

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fantastic beasts guests

once upon a time guests

girl with the dragon tattoo guests

bern collaco (star wars, girl with the dragon tattoo, fantastic beasts)

charles martinet  (super mario)

chase masterson (star trek)

juliet landau (buffy)

alexander siddig (primeval, game of thrones, gotham)

david frankham (101 dalmatians, star trek)

anthony head (buffy, merlin, little britain)

isabelle molloy (maleficent)

robin parkinson (allo allo, button moon)

waris hussein (director-1st ever for dr who)

richard bremmer (harry potter)

christian coulson (harry potter)

ray fearon (harry potter, beauty and the beast)

ian hart (harry potter, the last kingdom)

jamie yeates (harry potter)

martin bayfield (harry potter)

miriam margolyes (harry potter, trollied)

jamie waylett (harry potter)

alfie enoch (harry potter)

luke youngblood (harry potter, tracy beaker)

adrian rawlins (harry potter, dr who)

geraldine somerville (harry potter)

jim mcmanus (harry potter, dr who)

jessica hynes (shaun of the dead, harry potter, dr who)

pam ferris (harry potter, matilda)

fiona shaw (harry potter, emerald city)

jim norton (harry potter, father ted)

harry taylor (harry potter, da vinci code)

kelly macdonald (harry potter)

shirley henderson (harry potter, dr who)

morgan deare (roger rabbit, mission impossible, dr who)

peter davison (dr who, all creatures great and small)

anthony daniels (star wars)

suzanne packer (dr who, casualty)

richard ashton (dr who, outlander, vikings)

david suchet (poirot, dr who)

jaye griffiths (dr who, casualty)

julian bleach (dr who)

sunetra sarker (dr who, casualty)

kerry shale (thomas and friends, the lion the witch and the wardrobe)

denis lill (batman, dr who)

sophie hopkins (class)



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If you could get any of the following i would be seriously impressed:-

Bernard Hill, Karl Urban, Nicholas Brendon, Michelle Trachtenberg, Guy Henry, Kristine Sutherland, Mercedes McNab, Emma Caulfield, Amber Benson, Tony Curran, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Anthony Head, Kevin Richardson, Brian Litrell and Nick Carter. 

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Here is my (extensive) list:



Doctor Who
Alec Linstead

Brian Blessed (Star Wars, Flash Gordon, Blackadder, Blake's 7)

Christopher Good (A Bridge Too Far, Gandhi)

Colette O'Neil

David Ashton (James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies, The Last King Of Scotland)

Donald Douglas (Bridget Jones' Diary, Bridget Jones' Baby, Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason, Blake's 7, Poldark, Middlemarch)

Donald Gee

Eleanor Bron (A Little Princess, Help!, Absolutely Fabulous, Women In Love)

Hannah Gordon (One Foot In The Grave, The Elephant Man)

Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey, Paddington, Notting Hill, W1A, James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies)

Iain Glen (Resident Evil, Game Of Thrones, Downtown Abbey)

James Greene (Robert Downey Jr: Sherlock Holmes)

Ken Bones (The Hour, The World's End, Exodus Gods And Kings

Lindsay Duncan (Birdman, Sherlock, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, GBH)

Mark Bonnar (Shetland, Line Of Duty, Porridge)

Mark Straker (Batman Begins, Ashes To Ashes)

Maureen O'Brien (Jonathan Creek)

Michael Troughton (Jonathan Creek, The New Statesman, Blake's 7)

Nigel Hastings (Peaky Blinders, Four Weddings And A Funeral)

Richard Dillane (Argo, The Dark Knight, Poldark, Peaky Blinders, Wolf Hall)

Roger May (Poltergeist III)

Ronald Pickup (Never Say Never Again, Darkest Hour, The Day Of The Jackal)

Stephen Critchlow (Red Dwarf, Downton Abbey)

Stephen Garlick (The Dark Crystal, The Tomorrow People)

Struan Rodger (Game Of Thrones, Stardust, Four Weddings And A Funeral)

Stuart Milligan (Jonathan Creek, Spy Game, Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow)

Susannah Harker (Pride & Prejudice, Jeremy Brett: Sherlock Holmes, House Of Cards)

Vincent Brimble



James Bond
Constantine Gregory (Hammer Horror: To The Devil A Daughter, Mission Impossible, I'm Alan Partridge)

Edward Fox (The Day Of The Jackal, A Bridge Too Far, Gandhi)

Julian Rhind-Tutt (The Hour, Stardust, Green Wing)

Patrick Malahide (Game Of Thrones, Luther, Extras, Blackadder)


Blake's 7
Hugh Dickson (Poldark, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel)

Sabina Franklyn (Fawlty Towers)




Alex Jennings (The Lady In The Van, The Crown, The State Within, The Queen)

Alex Norton (Pirates Of The Caribbean, Braveheart, Blackadder)

Amerjit Deu (Dumbo)

Ann Mitchell (Eastenders)

Annabel Mullion (Mission:Impossible, Jonathan Creek)

Christian Rodska  (The Monuments Men, The Tomorrow People, Follyfoot)

David Bannerman (The Omega Factor)

Edward Petherbridge (Alice Through The Looking Glass, The Borgias)

Elizabeth Kelly (Eastenders)

Frank Williams (Dad's Army)

Geoffrey Whitehead (Not Going Out, Still Open All Hours, Z Cars)

Ian Lindsay (Men Behaving Badly)

Jaimi Barbakoff (Black Mirror)

James Laurenson (The Crown, Sharpe, Hammer Horror)

James Wilby (Poldark, Jeremy Brett: Sherlock Holmes)

Janice Acquah (Sherlock)

Jeremy Clyde (Batman)

Joanna McCallum (Jeremy Brett: Sherlock Holmes)

John Baddeley (Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy)

Karen Dotrice (Mary Poppins)

Kate Binchy (The Eagle Has Landed, Father Ted)

Kenneth Cranham (Layer Cake, Hellraiser II, Oliver!, Hot Fuzz, Rome)

Lou Hirsch (Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Superman II, The Tomorrow People)

Maggie Steed (Eastenders, Paddington 2, Red Dwarf)

Mary Allen (Monty Python And The Holy Grail)

Nicholas Le Prevost (Shakespeare In Love)

Nigel Carrington (Jonathan Creek, The Dark Knight)

Penny Downie (Downton Abbey, Invictus, London Has Fallen)

Philip Fox (Blackadder, I'm Alan Partridge, Allo Allo, Superman IV)

Robert Daws (Poldark, The Royal, Rock & Chips, Jeeves And Wooster)

Robin Ellis (Poldark, Jeremy Brett: Sherlock Holmes, Fawlty Towers)

Roy Hudd (Broadchurch, Coronation Street, Ashes To Ashes, One Foot In The Grave, Jeremy Brett: Sherlock Holmes)

Ruth Gemmell (Penny Dreadful, Primeval)

Sean Barrett (Father Ted, Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal)

Teresa Gallagher (Thunderbirds, Cars 2, The King's Speech)

Timothy Carlton (Sherlock, Dad's Army)

Timothy West (The Day Of The Jackal, Eastenders)

Edited by youell
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