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Guest Suggestions

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let's get the ball rolling:

rudolph walker (king ralph, love thy neighbour, dr who)

lindsey coulson (dr who)

derek martin (law and order, dr who)

michelle collins (dr who)

cheryl fergison (dr who)

martine mccutcheon (love actually, agatha christie's miss marple)

tracy ann oberman (dr who)

leslie schofield (star wars, blakes 7)

larry lamb (superman)

timothy west (ever after, day of the jackal, joan of arc)

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Buffy & Angel guests please:

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Seth Green
Kristy Wu
Alyson Hannigan
Michelle Trachtenberg
Gina Torres
Daniel Dae Kim
David Denman
Jack Plotnick


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helen worth (dr who)

craig charles (red dwarf)

thelma barlow (florence foster jenkins, dr who)

bruno langley (dr who, league of gentleman)

katherine kelly (life on mars, mr selfridge, class)

anne reid (wallace and gromit, hot fuzz)

bradley walsh (law and order, the chase, dr who)

gray o'brien (dr who)

ian reddington (dr who, benidorm, shameless, robin hood)

ken morley (allo allo)

mark eden (dr who, dr zhivago)

terence maynard (edge of tomorrow, reign of fire)

natalie gumede (dr who, jekyll and hyde)

nigel havers (chariots of fire, sarah jane, penelope)

will thorp (dr who)

sean gallagher (dr who)

kenneth cope (carry on, randall and hopkirk, dr who)

ray fearon (beauty and the beast, harry potter)

oliver mellor (dr who)

michael byrne (indiana jones, james bond, harry potter)

john thomson (inkheart, fast show, cold feet)

ayesha dharker (star wars, dr who)

rula lenska (minder, cluedo, dr who)

rik makarem (torchwood)

bhasker patel (thunderbirds, indiana jones)

adele silva (dr who)

maxwell caulfield (grease 2, the colbys)

roxanne pallett (wrong turn)

patsy kensit (lethal weapon)

lesley manville (maleficent)

carolyn pickles (harry potter, broadchurch)

nigel betts (class, dr who)

roy boyd (the wicker man, the omen, blakes 7)

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Any Harry Potter guests!!!

For me: Vicki Michelle and Ken Morley (allo allo)

Jodie Whittaker (dr who)

Ian Lavender (dad's army)

Wrestlers (any)

Bumblebee car

For Wife: Jason Mamoa (got)

Jerome Flynn (got)

Sean Bean (got)

Any of Once upon a time cast

Any Only fool & horses cast



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 would really like the following to come back:

david hasselhoff

brian blessed

karen gillan

alexander siddig

chase masterson

juliet landau

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