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Bill Murray Dan Aykroyd Rick Moranis  

would love to meet any of the supergirl cast, my favourite show melissa benoist would be amazing katie mcgrath ( very popular for merlin as well), chyler leigh, david harewood, jeremy jordan

Anyone from Spiderman Homecoming would be brilliant: Tom Holland Michael Keaton Zendaya Marisa Tomei Donald Glover Jacob Batalon Laura Harrier And Robert Downey

9 minutes ago, Serscottypoo said:


Please edit your post scotty, this is too much info about another event.  But on that subject if he's appearing with another company he won't be able to do LFCC as guests usually have an exclusivity clause.

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Having finished season 3 of The Expanse:

Shawn Doyle, Florence Faivre, Paulo Costanzo, François Chau, Greg Bryk, Cara Gee, Nick Tarabay, Elizabeth Mitchell, Anna Hopkins, Gennelle Williams and especially David Strathairn


Riley Shanahan would be nice with Brendan Fraser already there. Other Doom Patrol members would be great as well ;) 


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I love me some wrestling guests, and personally, I think it would be really smart for Showmasters to try and get some kind of agreement/relationship going with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Get to know them early, before they are super popular and busy in a couple of years time. I think there would be huge demand for it. Would love to meet Kenny Omega, Young Bucks, Cody, Jon Moxley, Chris Jericho etc. There's no AEW events on for LFCC weekend, just saying... 

Make it happen Showmasters!

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Im always surprised at how good the guests are each year I just find it fun to though out guest suggestions lol

Mark - Paul Gosselaar

Johathan Rhys Meyers

Henry Cavill

Francois Arnaud

Dominic Sherwood

Tom Holland

Tj Thyne

Matt Ryan

Colin O Donghue

Andrew J West

Sean Maguire

Max Irons

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irene bedard (Pocahontas)

tony Goldwyn (ghost, tarzan)

Jodi benson (little mermaid)

gilbert Gottfried (Aladdin)

roger bart (Hercules)

tate Donovan (Hercules)

billy joel (oliver and company)


I have haad a look thru here/the photo galleries and don't seem to have seen anyone who are known from these Disney movies. bit strange, a number of us I've seen r asking for these kind of groovy voice actors yet we haven't really had any. there is a base for these kind of grroovy actors so y not...? 

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Mcu stars please

Evangeline lilly 

Pom klementieff 

Karen gillan 

Anthony mackie 

Tom holland 

It'd great to meet Jeremy renner again 

All do a lot of cons


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Jason Behr (Roswell, Dawson’s Creek & Breakout Kings)
Melissa Benoist (Supergirl, Glee, Whiplash & Homeland)
Macaulay Culkin (Home Alone 1 & 2, Kings, My Girl & Saved)
Jessica Rothe (Happy Death Day, La La Land & Mary + Jane)
Larisa Oleynik (Mad Men, Hawaii Five-0, Pretty Little Liars, 10 Things I Hate About You, The Secret World of Alex Mack & 3rd Rock From The Sun) 
Hinton Battle (Buffy, Dreamgirls & Quantum Leap)

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Would be great to see some of the Stranger Things cast with season 3 coming at the beginning of July! And not just the main cast either. How about:

Shannon Purser - Barb

Matthew Modine - Dr. Brenner

Chris Sullivan - Benny

Cara Buono - Mrs. Wheeler

Randy Havens - Mr. Clarke

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