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Anybody excited about this weekend yet?


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50 minutes ago, Bumper8 said:

We're Saturday early bird-looking forward to it!


I've not bothered with Early bird the past 2 years. It hasn't been needed for me. It can be handy though to meet the guests you want out of the way to allow getting to all the talks. Since the photoshoots aren't until much later I'll still get everyone I need before they start (even taking lunch breaks into consideration). 

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25 minutes ago, malky said:

Not for me this year but Can anyone confirm if it was busy today or....dead

It wasn't dead by any means but it was noticeably quieter than previous Saturdays I've been to.

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I have to admit I was not as excited about this show as in some of the previous years but I was always going to go anyway. I takes me 10 minutes to get to Braehead by car and even if there had not been any guests I would probably still have gone as it such an easy venue for me to get to where I can park for free and do not have to worry about finding a parking space.


Because there were only a handful of guests scheduled for the Sunday with no Sunday ‘exclusives’ I was too bothered about I decided to go on the Saturday only. I went for early-bird as I wanted to get my autographs done quickly so I could spend the rest of the day browsing the stalls and attending the panels. I managed to get all my autos by 10am.


The first guest I met was Michelle Ryan. Until last week when she was announced I had not even heard of her but I have become a fan :P When she was announced it mentioned she was in the Bionic Woman. For some reason I did not know there was a remake of this series in 2007 and I was intrigued. I ordered the boxset online and received it on Wednesday meaning I had time to watch a few episodes before meeting her and I really liked it. Michelle signed an 8x10 and the boxset for me and she was pleased to hear people are still discovering this show in 2018. Unfortunately she did not do selfies (although there was no sign) so I booked a photo shoot for the afternoon after all.


I also met the two GoT guests I had never met before - Vlad Furdik and James Faulkner - who were both very friendly as well as Bond girls Janine Andrews and Valerie Leon. Janine was only £10 I believe; £5 pound cheaper than advertised which was nice as normally it is the other way around. My meeting with Valerie was soured slightly when at the end of the meeting with Valerie her minder asked me to pay when I had already paid (I always pay before interacting with the guests). The lady admitted her mistake and apologised but you get to feel slightly uncomfortable in front of a guest. I also met Simon Williamson and Colin Hunt for my Star Wars collection, both of them very friendly guys.


Both talks I attended (Bond girls and Game of Thrones) were entertaining a slightly longer that the usual panels at the Glasgow show (45 minutes instead of 30) but unfortunately these were the only two I was interested in. Overall it was nice and relaxing show and there were quite a few interesting stalls as well. I picked up a nice Van Damme autograph from an English dealer who has been at about every Glasgow show and always has some interesting stuff at very reasonable prices and a rare Charles Bronson DVD (Rider on the Rain) I had never seen before. The Saturday was not as quiet as I had feared but I did not witness any queues at the entrance throughout the day.

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