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The Friendly Dalek

My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

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I watched 2 stories today. :thumbup:

The Rescue- A nice, inoffensive 2 parter which fulfills its sole purpose of introducing the new companion. Maureen O'Brien is instantly charming as Vicki. The other regulars are all also on fine form. The villain isn't interesting at all though, and the story is basic at best.

Overall- 8/10.

The Romans- Definitely an underrated story. This is one of my favourite pure historical stories. The comedic tone works very well here, and the acting and dialogue are very good. Hartnell especially is clearly enjoying himself in this one. I can't really think of any problems with this one.

Overall- 10/10.


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Technically this is yesterday's story, but who cares? :D

The Web Planet- Some good imagery and imaginative costumes and sets. Sadly, dialogue and acting is pretty poor here. Some of the visuals and effects look terrible in certain scenes. It is also very dull, as it is far too long, with not enough of an interesting plot to warrant the run time that it has.

Overall- 3/10.

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