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Doctors Appreciation

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I have to say well done for getting 8 of the Doctors on Sunday. I got my first ever Diamond Pass for Matt Smith, as always wanted to meet him and thought this was my only way to meet him. Then on Saturday I got overly excited when my mate, who was there on Saturday messaged me to let me know David Tennant was going as well. David has always been my favourite Doctor and always on top of my list of guests to meet, so I had to raid my savings to get a Diamond Pass for him as well. And they were both a joy to meet. I took my mate in with me to meet David for my autograph and he was very friendly and had a conversation with him for nearly a minute. And for his photo shoot, even though the queue was a bit chaotic to get in, it was worth it for the photo. I brought along a spare sonic screwdriver and was happy to pose as the Doctor for the photo, this made my day. For Matt Smith autograph, I still had a good conversation with him, even though they were trying to rush people though. Found him as well very  friendly and got a fist bump from him as left his table. For his photo shoot, he was more than happy to pose with the sonic screwdriver as well. This made my photo shoots more memorable and worth the money I paid. Missed out Peter Capaldi and Christopher Eccleston, as couldn’t afford there Diamond passes as well and they didn’t get into VQ tickets. Hopefully will meet them again at a future Con. Although I did here good things from Peter Capaldi, how he was really making guests experience memorable and heard he stayed until nearly 7, due to the overselling of his Diamond Pass so everyone on it could get his autograph. That is truely a great guest. I did get to meet him on the photo shoot and was very friendly and happy to pose again as the Doctor holding the sonic screwdriver. All these 3 photos are so memorable. Overall I managed to get 5 Doctors (David Tennant, Matt Smith, David Bradley, Colin Baker and Paul McGann) to add to my TARDIS Pop from the 2 I already had (Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy). At the end of the day managed to get David Bradley to add to it as well as he had an open queue with no one in it. David Bradley was very friendly and had a conversation with him as well. Overall all I meet were great guests and made it even better 

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