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Guest Cancellation - Megan Fox

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Unfortunately due to a change in her work schedule Megan Fox is now unable to join us for London Film & Comic Con next week - we wish her well and hope to invite her back again one day - refunds will be actioned asap.

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1 minute ago, James O'leary said:

Sxxx she was one of the main people I was hoping to meet this year. I know its a long shot but I strongly reccomend trying to get her to attend next years LFCC ( either the one in  the Summer or the one in the spring  )

As mentioned in the original post we are hopeful that Megan will be able to join us at a future event, as with Sam Neills announcement tonight if they can come back they will!.

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Sorry, it’s my fault....I bought a photoshoot with her this morning and jinxed it.


Btw, how long to refunds usually take? I also did a pre order for her autograph so I didn’t risk missing out. Would refunds be in time to use the money for another guest or after the event?

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