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Big Finish actors


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i've never really seen any of these actors (maybe a couple) do one of ur cons, who have done several or more Big Finish audios who might do well at ur cons.

duncan wisbey (wrong turn, the hive)

blake ritson (krypton)

niky wardley (catherine tate show)

nicola walker (spooks)

hattie morahan (beauty and the beast, the bank job)

conrad westmaas (secret diary of a call girl)

susan jameson (new tricks, him)

india fisher (dead ringers, masterchef)

beth chalmers (harry potter, apple tree yard)

ian hallard (dr who, poirot)

robert jezek (casino royale, genius)

philip olivier (brookside, benidorm)

chase masterson (star trek)

juliet landau (buffy)

toby longworth (star wars, dr who)

miles richardson (solo, dr who)

ruth bradley (humans, the fall)

tim treloar (maleficent)

alex macqueen (peaky blinders, black mirror)


a number of these have specific best known roles in the Big Finish universe, example Chase is Vienna, juliet landau has been romana, india fisher has been charley pollard

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Chase and Juliet have definitely been. Big Finish themselves had a stall at LFCC one year (Chase was with them) but unless you knew they were there they were hard to find, and they didn't bother going again.  I usually get a Big Finish or two signed at an event. 

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more big finish suggestions:

peter egan (chariots of fire)

ian cullen (dr who)

alex mallinson (dr who)

chris porter (murder on the orient express, dr who)

adrian mackinder (johnny english)

david shaw parker (the muppets)

jo castleton (dr who)

frank skinner (dr who)

barnaby kay (the hive, dr who)

rachael stirling (snow white and the huntsman, dr who)

sorcha cusack (a discovery of witches)

derek hutchinson (v for vendetta)

alex wyndham (rome)

camilla power (torchwood, black mirror)

bethan walker (final fantasy, torchwood)

ramon tikaram (jupiter ascending, speed racer)

david yelland (chariots of fire)

john woodvine (an american werewolf in london)

harry myers (horizon zero dawn)

esther hall (rome)

gunnar cauthery (war horse, genius)

ewan bailey (judge dredd, the jackal, dr who)

lucy briggs-owen (bloodborne)

carolyn seymour (mortal kombat, mass effect)

don warrington (the five, dr who)

sean carlsen (torchwood, dr who)

scott arthur (da vinci's demons, being human)

laura doddington (the witcher)

rachel atkins (harry potter, humans)

david baillie (pirates of the caribbean)

andrew fettes (dr who)

patrick duggan (grand theft auto)

hugo myatt (knightmare)

gary russell (dr who)

leslie ash (quadrophenia, cats eyes)

tim preece (ivanhoe, dr who)

jane macfarlane (outlander)

mark donovan (shaun of the dead, world's end)

graeme garden (the goodies)

andrew bone (sherlock, wrong turn)

mike noble (jack ryan, mr selfridge)

samuel west (van helsing, mr selfridge)

alexander siddig (star trek, game of thrones, primeval, atlantis)

nickolas grace (robin of sherwood)

alex jordan (game of thrones, paddington)

lizzie hopley (dr who)

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