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Latest Guest Announcement: Steven Seagal

Attending: Saturday & Sunday

Autograph Price: £85

Photo Shoot Price: £75

Talk Price: £15

Diamond Pass Price: £195

1x Guaranteed In Person Autograph

1x Guaranteed Standard Photo Shoot

1x Priority Talk Seating

1x Exclusive Print




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12 hours ago, Kuato_Lives said:

What's everyone's favourite Seagal film?

Nico for me.

I enjoyed his performance in hard target too, where he gave great depth and humility to what was a very difficult role...that of playing the Invisible Man.


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Under Siege 1 and 2 are classics. Two perfect films for me :-D

Watch his TV show LAWMAN people before you meet him as he is a cop over in America, 2 series following him around on the job is cracking stuff :-D

And he is in a band (saw him a few years ago, good stuff). So get him to play a gig at the show I say ;-) will sell a few tickets thats for sure.

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